I saw the design above on Pinterest the other day and it absolutely intrigued me. Adding those 2 simple words to the “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” mantra really seemed to complete the idea entirely. Those of us that live in an older mobile home or even a new manufactured home have already made a huge step in green living and you may not even realize it.

The construction process of manufactured homes in factories are green even if the company doesn’t mean to be (thankfully though most do). By mass producing the homes there is a reduction in waste. Greenhouse gases are lower because the supplies are purchased and transported in large quantities. The equipment and tools used are in a roofed facility with regular maintenance which means a longer life span. The material handling equipment in most factories are powered by propane or compressed natural gas, leading to a reduction of emissions compared to gas or diesel. The cutting and assembly of the materials is optimized to save every inch.

Practically the entire process is environmentally friendly!

If you live in an older mobile home, you’ve also done the environment a huge favor! You have kept waste out of landfills and the environmentalist will tell you that updating an older home is the absolute best way to be green, it beats out any new construction by a long shot. You’ve reused by buying a used home and you’re repairing when you remodel and update the home, making it last years longer than its natural life span.

There are plenty of easy things you can do to continue the green movement. If you’re looking to remodel soon there are a few things you can look for and do to help out mother earth.

10 Green Tips for Remodeling your Mobile Home:

1. Use non-volatile paint. It’s just smarter!

2. Use coal fly ash in concrete.

3. Use Energy Star appliances, not only does it save on utility bills but possibly taxes.

4. Use blue jeans as insulation. Yep, denim makes a wonderful insulator.
5. Use recycled glass and tile flooring containing up to 100 percent recycled materials.

6. Use carpets containing recycled nylon.

7. Use drywall containing at least 96 percent recycled materials,

8. Use ceiling fans, they work.

9. Recycle your old carpet.

10. Buy second hand. There’s lots of salvage re-sellers now.

Here’s a few more tips for recycling your old materials:

  • For plumbing replacement, Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is recyclable. In fact, PVC is the second most commonly used plastic after polyethylene, but it isn’t commonly accepted in curbside programs.
  •  Linoleum is recyclable, and compostable and biodegradable if it’s natural. Many building supply companies and certain charity organizations will accept old linoleum for recycling.
  • If it is free of contaminants like lead paint or asbestos, gypsum drywall is recyclable. Many building supply companies will accept it for recycling.
  • Bricks are recyclable and can often be sold to local masonry companies for resale as aged brick or ground up to make concrete.

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