You’ll love this front porch makeover!

The front porch is an American icon. They were used for sleeping quarters and socializing for centuries and still to this day provide a great place to chat with neighbors and enjoy your surroundings.

A front porch can completely change the look of a home, especially a manufactured home. A typical factory built home is rectangular with only a small amount of architectural detail so adding porches and decks to the home is a great way to add interest. The additional outdoor living space is great too!

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Porches are one of the first things that a visitor notices about your home so it should have great curb appeal. Unfortunately, a porch is a fairly expensive home project but there are ways to save money. The DIY Network has a great article on how to add instant curb appeal for less than $100 here. If you have an outdated porch design you can update the look  with simple DIY projects that will save a lot of money. Giving your front porch a new look doesn’t have to cost thousands of dollars!

This Affordable Front Porch Makeover is Proof! 

The home below had a traditional porch design with spindles and gingerbread-like details. It’s a great design that looks good on any home but  the owner wanted to go with a more modern style. He kept the main porch structure  intact using simple construction techniques to achieve an affordable front porch makeover and the end result is fabulous!

By re-using the original spindled columns and simply covering them to create a square column, the owner was able to save money and time. He also saved money by building and painting his own railing.

This is a true DIY project that uses ingenuity and creativity to achieve the desired result. The owner was kind enough to take lots of photos and write a bit about the process and post it to Imgur, where I found it.


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