Buying an older single wide manufactured home and remodeling it as your budget allows is a great way to live debt-free.

The sky is the limit with single wides and the homes below prove it!

Finding an used manufactured home that has been maintained properly is fairly easy wherever you are. Families outgrow their space and often trade in their single wides for a larger double wide. An older single wide with good bones can often be purchased for less than $10,000.

Figuring out how to update and remodel the single wide home is the difficult part!

Here’s some great single wide remodels that will surely inspire you.

Sensational Skirting

single wide remodeling ideas - exterior ideas

This single wide has great curb appeal!

The addition of cedar along the skirting and corners gives the home great visual appeal. The contrast between the white metal siding and the soft wood is a perfect combination!

By only installing wood onto the bottom and corners you save a lot of money while still creating a huge visual impact.

This exterior siding project would be perfect for those of us that have to do a little work at a time, as our budget allows.  You can see more of this home here.

Excellent Exterior and Intimate Interior

Great Remodeled Single Wide for sale

This next home is a great example of remodeling and updating a single wide.

Adding an accent to only one end of your home’s exterior is a great way to add appeal and still keep within a budget.

Below, you can see the updated kitchen. The owner used several popular kitchen materials such as a mosaic tiled back-splash, white cottage styled cabinetry, dark laminated wood floors, and stainless steel appliances.

Great Remodeled Single Wide for sale - kitchen after

Great Remodeled Single Wide for sale - kitchen after  2

New windows, painted paneling, laminated flooring, and wide trim combined together to create a modern and welcoming living room in this single wide.

Great Remodeled Single Wide for sale - Living room after

Great Remodeled Single Wide for sale -bedroom after

The bathroom carries some of the same stylish features as the kitchen. Making one material work for two or more spaces is a great way to reduce your remodeling costs.

Great Remodeled Single Wide for sale -bathroom after

 Great Grey

New siding combined with new windows and a simple deck creates a welcoming home!

Exterior mobile home remodel - After new siding and windows and roof was installed - liseinalberta blogspot com

The interior received a complete makeover as well.

Sheet rock was installed on both the wall and ceiling to create a clean canvas. Boldly painted accent walls are used in each room to provide visual appeal.

Paint will always be the most affordable thing you can do to change your home’s appearance.

single wide manufactured home remodeling ideas

Single wide interior remodel ideas

The kitchen remodel is remarkable!

Sleek and simple is how I would describe this kitchen. Stylish accents are used throughout the room: Long-handled cabinet hardware provides lots of visual appeal and bright white cabinetry provides contrast to the black counter tops.

single wide manufactured home remodeling ideas

The bathroom is beautiful!

single wide manufactured home remodeling ideas

Dark grey is a popular paint color but it can be difficult to work with in certain spaces. This small bathroom gets it right!

This is a perfect example of mixing dark and light colors to create an inviting space. Adding expensive materials with more affordable materials can provide a great space at a great price.

interior mobile home - bathroom remodel - after -2 (2)

The bedrooms were transformed into cozy spaces using paint.

single wide mobile home bedroom after remodel (2)

single wide bedroom closet after extensive remodel (2)

Single wide manufactured home remodeling ideas

Even the laundry room was given a modern makeover.

single wide manufactured home remodeling ideas

You can see more of this single wide remodel, including the before and after photos, here.

Cozy Cottage

This last home has a great cottage appeal and another great example of single wide remodeling. The popular cottage style is perfect for a small single wide manufactured home!

Great Remodeling ideas for a Single Wide - Interior

White walls and ceilings and modern grey flooring creates a perfect canvas for this home. The eclectic furnishings and humble wood stove completes the space with style.

Great Remodeling ideas for a Single Wide - Interior 2

Great Remodeling ideas for a Single Wide - Interior



A single wide manufactured home can become a beautiful home in any style you want with a little creativity! Any style you can imagine can work in these small homes and because the space is smaller you can splurge on higher-end materials.

The sky is the limit with a single wide!

Thank you so much for reading Mobile and Manufactured Home Living!

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17 Responses

  1. Elicia

    I just purchased a 1991 single wide 3 bed 2 bath 14×80. Im so happy about remodeling an making it look great. Will start with walls or should i do appliance replacemen

  2. kay

    Have you ever removed flooring in area with a step up? My kitchen and laundry entrance is on a platform. It also has a wall that sticks out in a V one side kitchen, one side faces living room. No clue what is behind the wall. I would like it all level and to remove V wall. Husband hesitant as wall attached to ceiling and no subfloor under platform

  3. Morgan

    Hey Crystal!

    I am currently getting ready to redo my master bathroom. What did you use as your shower walls? I don’t want the expensive of tile but I also don’t like the ugly plain white walls!

    • Crystal Adkins

      Hi Morgan,

      Usually, just buying a tub surround will be your easiest choice for tub and shower walls. They can come in one piece or three and can be ordered to the size you need. You just pop them in and glue and seal. They start at around $100 and go up. Here’s a link to some at Home Depot:

      Stone, sheet metal, and even fiberglass panels will work if you seal properly. I’m a big fan of the faux stone around tubs and showers too but you have to be extra careful when caulking and sealing around them.

      PS: The tileboard that you can find at Lowe’s for $20 a sheet (looks like fake tile) may look like it can withstand water but it cannot – don’t let anyone tell you it

      Best of luck! If you can take lots of photos of the project I’d love to share it on here!

  4. Jennifer Castaldo

    Hi Crystal!
    I just purchased a single wide 1980 mobile home, and I’m anxious to start remodeling it. I feel like I stepped into 1982 when I walk in. Dark walls, dark ceilings, dark floors. I came across your page and it’s great! I’m on disability, so money is tight, but I got a lot of GREAT ideas! Thanks so much, and looking forward to more!

    • Crystal Adkins

      Congratulations Jennifer! I was exactly in your shoes 6 years ago – the excitement of all the possibilities is so fun! Tackle one room at a time, get the new flooring in before you move any furniture in (if possible), and make it all yours. Of course, take lots of photos throughout the process so I can feature it!

      Best of luck!

  5. Connie

    Hi Crystal,
    My question for you is can granite or marble be used safely in a singlewide mobile home for kitchen countertops? My husband and I are preparing to remodel our kitchen and laminate countertops are easily damaged. I love the look and shine of granite. We would need approximately 57 square feet. Thanks so much for your valuable advice.

    • Crystal Adkins

      Hi Connie,

      This is a difficult question! Because granite is so expensive, there’s a good chance that you’ll create a situation where you ‘over-improve’ and cannot recoup the cost should you ever sell the home. At the cheapest end of $50 per square foot, you’re looking at almost $3,000 for granite counter tops (a lot of improvement projects that will increase your home’s value can be done with $3,000). It would definitely be a selling feature but it would depend on your market if buyers are willing to pay for granite. However, if you’ve always wanted granite and not concerned about recouping the cost, it would be worth it just to be able to enjoy granite everyday.

      You may want to look at other counter top options like solid surfaces. There’s some man-made materials, like Corian, that look just like granite but is more affordable. Soap stone is another beautiful material. Here’s a Houzz article I found that may be handy:

      Best of luck! Let me know how it goes!

  6. joy

    Do you know anything about adding a half bath inside a single? It about a 1994 edition. Thanks!!! Beautiful work!!!!

    • Crystal Adkins

      Hi Joy,

      Adding a bathroom to the single wide shouldn’t be too difficult, especially if it’s just going to be a toilet and sink but no bath. You’re going to want to pay special attention to get the right slope for your waste pipe from the toilet and make sure there is proper ventilation (either via connection to a vent stack or an auto vent). If you hire a plumber to just run the pipe and you install the toilet and sink yourself you’ll be able to save quite a bit of money.

      Best of luck!

  7. becky

    i have lived in a single wide home for many years. we have put new siding,windows,doors,and decks on it. now i would like to remodel the inside. this is great seeing pictures of other remodels to help me get ideas. thank you so much. i think this will become one of my favorite sites.

    • Crystal Adkins

      Hi Becky!

      I’m so glad you like MHL! It means a lot to me to get comments like this so thank you so much for taking the time out to write it!

      I bet your home is gorgeous and will only get better! I’m always looking for homes to feature, maybe once you get the interior finished you’ll consider it?

      Thanks again! You made my day!

  8. Vikki

    MLV is great, so you can put a window where there wasn’t one?

    • Crystal Adkins

      Hi Vikki!

      You can put a window just about anywhere you want! You just have to be aware of the wiring and water lines but with manufactured homes most of the wiring and water lines are under the home! As long as you frame the new window properly you can add it!

      Good luck!


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