Australian campers are very popular. A great way to travel the Outback or any part of Australia for that matter is with an RV or camper or caravan. An RV has a motor and living area, a camper can be a pop-up type or a smaller pull behind camper and a caravan is considered the medium to large sized mobile homes that can be towed with a standard vehicle with a large motor. I am amazed at the different shapes and manufacturers of popular RV’s in that country. Here are a few that I thought would intrigue you. They are all through a website that posts caravan sales.

First is the Grand Tourer Adventure Off Road Camper. Look at this beauty! You could take this anywhere and be traveling in style. I haven’t seen anything like this is the US yet but I sure hope it gets over here soon!



Here’s a a standard looking caravan called a FlexiHome. These are used for camping mostly not permanent living. The interior is what will amaze you:

Here’s the modern, clean interior. You could haul your dirt bikes or your recliners in this and be set up for easy vacationing anywhere.




This final home is a Creative Caravans Tanami Off-Road Designer Series. It is a gorgeous camper! The tires are beefy enough to go anywhere you want and the interior is fit for a king. I am in awe!



Another pull camper that I like is called the Kimberly Black Caviar Kruiser. It’s very different from what you you see in the US.



I wanted to show you a couple of motorhomes I found, too. The first one is vintage and gorgeous! It’s a 1954 REGAL MARK III that is for sale for $27,000. It was once a Melbourne Tramsway that then became a disaster ambulance and now is a motorhome! I found it on a site that has motorhomes for sale.



Last but not least is a 1979 Denning Motorhome. I love the vintage ones!

I really just wanted to show Australia some more love. MMHL gets a lot of visitors from that country and I don’t want them feeling left out.

As always, thank you for reading Mobile and Manufactured Home Living!

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