Chantal has a knack for decorating. We shared her gorgeous double wide a while back and it’s been one of our most popular manufactured home remodels. I have no doubt her colorful camper makeover will be just as popular.

From the outside, this Jayco camper looks like any other you see on the roads:


It’s the interior that sets this camper apart from all the rest….

Before Chantal

Here’s how Chantal’s camper looked before the talented decor guru got her hands on it:


Chantell's Modern Camper Makeover (interior before modern camper makeover)


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First, Chantal painted the camper’s interior. She decided on a fairly simple, but bold, color palette: a white neutral base with teal being the bold accent color. She topped it all with colorful fabrics and textures.

Painting is the easiest and most affordable way to give a space a whole new look, whether it’s a home or camper. The interior of the camper getting ready to be painted:


Chantel's Colorful Camper Makeover (kitchen before makeover)


The kitchen cabinet got a new life with gorgeous teal paint:

Chantell's Colorful Camper Makeover (during camper makeover)



After Chantal’s Colorful Camper Makeover


Chantell's Colorful Camper Makeover (during )


Next, Chantal used different patterns for each ‘section’ of the camper. The eating area on the opposite end of the camper has a different pattern than the sleeping area.


Chantel's Colorful Camper Makeover (kitchen after painting)


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Chantel's Colorful Camper Makeover (interior)


Finally, Chantal reupholstered the dinette with a nice bright white material to match the walls. She also added warm wooden accents and added a vivid comforter for the bed. Several throw pillows help to pull it all together.


Chantel's Colorful Camper Makeover (eating area after makeover)

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This colorful camper makeover is a perfect example of what a new coat of paint and some smart updates can make.


Chantell's Colorful Camper Makeover (Bed after makeover)


My favorite part of this makeover is that it didn’t break the bank. A few smart updates and a new paint scheme gave the camper a whole new look!

Thanks, Chantal, for letting us share your awesome colorful camper makeover! You have a true talent for decor and design.

And as always thank you for reading Mobile and Manufactured Home Living!

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    Chantal has mad decorating skills, both her camper and her home are perfection.


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