Looking for primitive country decorating ideas for a manufactured home?

There’s several kinds of decor that fits under country: classic country, primitive, patriotic, farm and garden inspired designs are just a few. Primitive country decor has become a popular look for homes in the past few years. It’s very popular here in West Virginia and every time I walk into a house that’s decorated in country I immediately feel at home. It’s a great way to make your mobile home feel, well, homey! The best part of decorating your home in the country look is that the decor is pretty easy to find. There’s small hometown stores, large chains and plenty of online sellers.
country primitive kitchen decor in a mobile home
The whole point of this little intro is to show you my good friend Susan Lanham’s home. Susan and I met as Girl Scout moms, and we just naturally hit it off. She is one of the funnest people I have ever had the privilege of being around! Our daughters naturally became great friends, too. Susan’s house is a place both my daughter and I like to visit.
My favorite part of her home is the kitchen cabinets. I have seen plenty of cabinets in double wide’s, but I had never seen them in a dark grey color. I love it! They fit so well with her country theme. This is a prime example of not being scared to use color in your home. Had she picked another color, it may have not given the room the pop that the grey did.
Susan’s entire home is in the primitive country theme. She has done a fabulous job of distinguishing each room yet keeping them cohesive in decor. That’s sometimes a very hard thing to accomplish.
country primitive double wide decor 2
The kitchen, dinning and laundry room walls are all painted the same creamy medium-light brown and gives the entire area a flow that otherwise couldn’t be accomplished. The flooring is the same throughout as well.

This is  great inspiration for all of you that love the country look. It truly makes your home feel comfortable and cozy like no other theme can.

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9 Responses

  1. louise taft

    I also love that white table. I want it so badly in my kitchen. Crystal, any word on where it came from??

    • Crystal Adkins

      Hi Louise!

      I think Susan said she bought the table from a really awesome primitive store we have here in Fayetteville, WV called Dove’s Outlet Village. That place is awesome! It’s 2 stories of really affordable primitive decor and furniture. There’s 3 separate little stores all around a pond and they decorate everything so beautifully at Christmas!

      I searched for a website or Facebook page and it looks like they had one but it has been removed. I drive by there all the time though and I’m pretty sure its still open. Here’s what one local website had to say about it:

      Dove’s Outlet Village
      “Enter as strangers, Leave as Friends!” Dove’s Outlet Village is a whole village of shops: Dove’s Home Furnishings (filled with quilts, braided rugs, primitive curtains, primitive lighting and MORE), Dove’s Variety (loaded with primitives and candles galore!), Nearly New Consignment (lots of great deals on gently used items), Pear Tree Arts & Garden (specializing in on site painting of ceramics, garden items and locally made wares). More shops coming soon!!! Also located in the front of our shops is Dove’s Auto, just in case you need a pre-owned car. They operate a seasonal Christmas Shoppe as well. 304-574-1088. Rt. 19 Hinkle Road Exit Fayetteville, WV 25840

      It’s a great place right on Rt. 19 (one of the most popular roads in WV that runs North/South). It’s only 2 miles from my house – next time I drive by (which will be this week) I’ll stop in and see if they have one, or can get one, and how much it costs to ship to you. I’ll email you to let you know.

      Thanks so much for reading MHL!

  2. marie clark

    Does anyone know where that white accent table came from? I love it! I have scoured the internet but cannot find it! Please HELP!

    • Crystal Adkins

      Hi Marie! I will contact her today and see where she got it – if I had to guess she got it from a little store here in our hometown that sells nothing but primitive stuff. It’s 2 stories of awesomeness!! I think it’s called Dove’s Outlet – I’ll double check with her on that too! Thanks!

      • marie clark

        Thanks Crystal! Let me know if you find out! I love the pictures, and the write up about the home that you have done!

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