The Entry-Way

An entry way to store shoes and coats is always a good idea for any home. Seating and storage is essential as well as using  flooring that is easy to clean and waterproof. The homeowners have made a beautiful and functional foyer that is stylish and welcoming.

extreme manufactured home remodel foyer

extreme manufactured home remodel  foyer entrance

The Master Bedroom

This is the kind of bedroom that dreams are made of! extreme manufactured home remodel master bedroom

The owner mentions that the lower ceiling here in the master bedroom is indeed the ceiling from the single wide. Recessed lights re-appear and make it seem like the different ceiling heights were part the design and not just an addition.

extreme manufactured home remodel master bedroom

The Master Bathroom

Marble is always a treat in a bathroom! The traditional cabinetry paired with marble makes a remarkable statement.

extreme manufactured home remodel bathroom

They carried the arch theme from the kitchen over to the master bathroom. This arch frames the tub and makes it a feature of the room. More recessed lighting, too!

extreme manufactured home remodel bathroom 2 Wow! I’m speechless and have nothing more to say about this fine bathroom!

extreme manufactured home remodel bathroom 3

The Guest Bedroom

Another beautiful room that’s stylish and welcoming. extreme manufactured home remodel guest bedroom

The 2nd Bathroom

This photo is taken at an odd angle so the shower looks a bit weird but it’s just the position the photographer was in. A built-in shower is one of the most wanted features in a bathroom and this one has all the bells and whistles!

extreme manufactured home remodel 2nd bathroom

The Family Room

A serene and comfortable spot indeed! extreme manufactured home remodel  family room

The Exterior

You should be able to get a clear picture of how the home is built with these photos. I want to assume that we are looking at the original single wide shape in the photo below but I’m not 100% certain on that. Regardless, it is a gorgeous home both inside and out. extreme manufactured home remodel 2

extreme manufactured home remodel

extreme manufactured home remodel 3

extreme manufactured home remodel 4

extreme manufactured home remodel exterior3

extreme manufactured home remodel exterior

PrairieDog is the username that uploaded these beautiful photos to HGTV’s Rate My Space blog. She stated in one of the descriptions that they were selling and moving. I am actively trying to contact her to see if she will let us interview her and get a bit more information. This home is a perfect example of the potential that mobile and manufactured  homes have. You can build onto them all you want! I appreciate you touring this beautiful home with me and as always, thank you for reading Mobile and Manufactured Home Living!

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Hello! I'm Crystal, the creator of Mobile Home Living and I appreciate you stopping by! I hope MHL is an inspiring and informative resource for you! Please consider letting me feature your remodels, room makeovers, and home improvement projects. There's not enough inspiration available for manufactured homeowners and I want to change that. Thanks!

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34 Responses

  1. Karen

    We recently purchased a brand new Platinum home. First time mobil home buyer….thought the can lights above the kitchen island were the tratitional can lights used in new construction….Anyway, can the lights they used be changed out to traditional can lights so I can used a screw in pendant light adapter? They put in these led cheapie type lights they call them their type of recessed can lighting, lol! They also “forgot” to put in a main ceiling electrical light outlet so I can hang my kitchen chandelier!! Also, can the home be re-leveled even after it’s been all put together? My husband is concerned that sine it’s all together and the roof in place, it may compromise.

    • Crystal Adkins

      Hi Karen,

      Congratulations! You will need to re-level the home every couple of years. Your manual will give you the details but manufactured homes always settle. A manufactured home that is not level puts stress on the structure and that’s not a good thing. You can buy your own water level to check the home yourself for less than $50, or just hire a professional.

      As far as the recessed lights, I’d have to see them to tell you for sure but you can usually replace any fixture. However, I can tell you that LED is definitely the preferred lighting nowadays. It’s cheaper, doesn’t burn as hot, and lasts for years.

      My father’s 1986 Redman double wide didn’t have light switches for a central ceiling light in the family room or the kitchen. I’m not sure why they do that.

      Best of luck to you!

  2. william weston

    Hi im a new single wide owner. Im a experience residential builder but unexperience mobile builder my ? Is my home is 14 x 66 is it possible I can make it 16 x 66 or 18 x 66 make it wider for more room on a single wide instead of purchasing a double wide ? Or add extended floor and anchor bolt to original floor frame and also can reframe exterior wall to add a second story height and rise roof make bedrooms above for more room feeling cramp the way it is now old trailer 3 bedrooms 2 baths, bedrooms like walkin closets. Thank you for any info.

    • Crystal Adkins

      Hi William,

      Additions can be done but they must be built completely separate from the home and on their own foundations. Each structure must move individually from the other.

      Modifications to the exterior walls of any manufactured home is not recommended at all. It would be an engineering nightmare because manufactured homes derive their structural integrity differently than a site-built home (roof down to the cambered chassis instead of floor up). You could build an addition with a second story beside the home and ‘seal’ the two structures together.

      This article may help:

      Thanks for reading MHL! Best of luck!

    • Crystal Adkins


      The entire home was essentially ‘swallowed’ by a new home build. The only thing remaining of the original mobile home is the chassis under the floor and a couple of walls as far as I understand.


  3. shelly rolon

    At last i find mobile home life articles and pictures. I just bought a 76′ Redmond and had tons of questions. There’s questions about the sturdiness, safety, and pest that concern me as a new owner of a mobile home. Im afraid of the air vents and something coming out of them. We’re spraying underneath for spiders and anything else around. But im a little naive about getting sick from the spray coming inside. Is any of this possible? Thank you again for giving us new respect among other homeowners.

    • Crystal Adkins

      Hi Shelly,

      Your vents probably need a little taping around the corners and edges. It requires someone crawling under the home and getting behind the belly wrap (the black plastic) and simply taping up the vents (usually in a straight line right down the middle of the home if its a single wide). Once the vents/ducts are taped you’ll want to go ahead and add some additional insulation under the ducts while you’re already there and then make sure the belly wrap is repaired and has no holes or rips anywhere. Once that’s all done you won’t have anything to worry about, I proimise!

  4. Charles B Reddoor

    Love your articles! My question is pretty straight forward. When replacing/remodeling mobile home kitchen wall and base cabinets are there different sizes (width, depth, etc.) because of the home wall structure? The big box stores do not have an answer, nor can recommend a local company. One of the smaller kitchen proprietors offered to sell a remodelling, but could not find a contractor for the installation. If the wall and base cabinets are a smaller size, where are they sold? Thanks…Charles

    • Crystal Adkins

      Hi Charles,

      The answer depends on the make and model of your home. Some builders build the cabinets themselves and some have a supplier. Home improvement stores get all weird due to possible weight restraints. If you are completely remodeling the kitchen you can install any size you want as long as your studs can withstand it. If you do have small studs, you’ll just need to reinforce them with bracing. Any home improvement supplier should be able to find an installer – there’s really no difference between a mobile home and an old traditional home (they both may have smaller studs than 2×4’s).

      Hope that helps! Best of luck!

    • Rich Norman

      This is for anybody – You won’t have a problem doing whatever you want with a mobile home. I happens that ours was a trashed double wide, but I used the cabinets that came from Home Depot. Just measure the space and add what works for you. Things are pretty much standard, and MH’s aren’t from another planet or anything. They’re just a great blank slate to work with. Tear the walls off if you like. Floors are easy to deal with. They just are really easy to work with. 2″ x 4’s, (maybe a spec smaller than normal, but you can always add more) cheap flooring, probably a particle board that’s easy to replace. Probably some useless “fake walls” that take up space and can be removed in about 30 seconds with a sledge hammer.

  5. Leah


    Would you be able to provide the layout of the home and the materials that were purchased to remodel? I am in the process of remodeling a very small mobile home almost identical to the “before” pictures. We have gutted out the entire mobile home and now it is bare. My father and husband will actually be the ones remodeling the home but it’s left up to me to design it. I absolutely adore what you have done to this mobile home right up to the ceilings. Please, I would love any information that you can provide.



    • Crystal Adkins

      HI Leah!

      I love this home too! This was basically a whole new home built around the smaller single wide. It cost the owners well over $60,000. They only left the flooring and ceiling in the kitchen and a couple of walls of the original mobile. It’s an extreme and expensive build but it is beautiful!

      You could make your home similar without such a drastic cost though you won’t get the ceiling heights unless you build onto the home. Materials are all very high end and custom in the kitchen and likely cost over $15-20k (custom cabinets, marble back splash, high-end counters, etc).

      If I was going to reproduce the look on a budget I would go with an addition on the front of the home to add ceiling height as soon as you walk in (to give the entire home a more site-built look), and then choose unfinished pine cabinetry that I could stain myself (with no glass inserts – I’d go with a Plexiglas for lighter weight and cheaper price). I’d choose a fake marble material for the back splash and a laminate sheet for the counter tops.

      Painting all the walls a light tan and adding some crown molding and an affordable laminate flooring would pull it all together.

      let me know how it goes!

    • Debbie

      You rely have a great eye for art, as eye do
      !! But your chooses are put together so marvelously, eye had to pin them. Absltly fantastic.

  6. Don

    Hello, thanks for your website.
    Saw the extreme single wide makeover. Nice! My wife and I have a question, please. We live in a 1990 single wide that we’d like to “makeover” and repair but we have been told that even if we put 15,000 into it to make it look really nice, if we ever sell the place, banks still consider it to have “zero” value and won’t loan on it. We paid cash ourselves when we bought the property a few years ago. Is there a way to make a single wide “loanable” so our investment increases the value of the home?

    • Crystal Adkins

      Hi Don!

      It is true that some banks will not loan on manufactured homes but lots of other banks will! Banks and credit unions provide loans on older mobile homes and manufactured homes every day, all over the country. Take California and Florida for example, manufactured homes often sell for upwards of $100,000 and there’s hundreds, if not thousands, of listings on real estate sites for every make and model imaginable, some in parks, some on private land.

      Those buyers are getting financed somewhere – I’m sure not all of them have cash.

      Make your home how you want it and while worrying about potential resell issues is a commendable thing to do, I wouldn’t let it keep me up at night. There’s plenty of financing out there!

      • Don

        Hello Crystal, thank you so much for your reply and information. That was very encouraging. We’ll proceed and also look for other banks. We had talked to a “loan specialist” at a local Washington Mutual bank and she said there was no way they would ever loan on a single wide manufactured home no matter what you did to it. Maybe we’ll try a local credit union next. It’s not that we need the loan, we just want to know, if we are going to upgrade, if there’s anything specific we can do to make it more easily loanable. It’s got a nice textured concrete block wall around the entire base, cement pad, no wheels, no tongue. Thanks again for the info! Best, Don and Maxine

      • Crystal Adkins

        Hi Don!

        You’re welcome! Sorry I couldn’t be more help.

        It’s smart of you to do this type of research, you certainly don’t want to put a bunch of money into a home if it can’t produce equity. I don’t remember if you said the home was attached to land but if so, you shouldn’t have too much to worry about. Our ageing society and poor economy (though it keeps improving thankfully!) is going to push more people to consider manufactured homes.

        I guess my 3 best tips to give you about the actual remodeling aspect would be to research similar homes in your neighborhood and keep them in mind so your finished home can compete with them. Refrain from going to fancy or extravagant in both materials and styling.

        You can do a lot with $15,000 – I recommend new wiring and pipe if needed, then insulation and weatherproofing. Next, would be new doors and windows because they make the biggest impact on both appearance and function in my humble opinion and lastly, updating kitchens and baths. A nice curb appeal can do a lot for a home too!

        Please keep us updated and take lots of photos for us if you don’t mind – I would love to feature your remodel someday! Thanks so much for reading MHL!

  7. Maria

    Wonderful home! Curious if you knew of any websites that has floor plans for extending and/or additions to a mobile home?

    • Crystal Adkins

      Hi Maria!
      Thanks so much! Unfortunately, I don’t know of any. There’s definitely a shortage of resources for mobile homes. If I find any I’ll be sure to publish them though!

    • Crystal Adkins

      Hi James! If I had to guess a remodel like this probably cost at least 10 thousand just for the building material. If they hired contractors to do all the work I’d guess the total was well over 25 grand (I’m in WV so I’m used to a lower price per hour for contractors – I’m not for sure what things cost out west). Still, that’s pretty good compared to what a traditional home would cost if you built it from scratch.

      One of the best things about buying an old mobile home and adding on to it is that you can do a little at a time and pay cash as you go. It takes a lot longer but you could do it without going into debt. :)

  8. Robyn

    I am curious, I have a 16 x 80 single wide home. I would love to remodel the kitchen to make it more functional for my needs. Do you come up your own ideas or is there someone who can help with the design? Also, are there contractors who will do the actual work, as my husband and I are totally clueless. I live in western new york and would love to find someone who would help us in renovating. Also has anyone ever added a all season sunroom to their single wide?

    • Crystal Adkins

      Hi Robyn,

      I think most of us just look for ideas online, in magazines, and at home improvement stores. If you go to Lowe’s or Home Depot, they have software that will help you figure out what design and layout you want and contract with reputable companies to have it at installed for you (at a price of You just have to give them your measurements and they order the cabinetry to the exact measurements for you. It’s really hard to try to piece together all the different colors and textures for a kitchen remodel – there’s soooo many choices that most people find it easier to find a complete kitchen they like at the home improvement store and just order it as a complete set. Personally, that’s what I would recommend you do.

      If you would rather order everything yourself, piece by piece, then you will have to hire someone to install it for you. You should be able to find a company that is experienced in manufactured home remodeling in your area – there’s only a slight difference between a site built home and manufactured home (single wides derive their structural integrity or strength from the roof is the main difference) so any licensed contractor should be able to handle kitchen remodels. Maybe you could google search for kitchen remodeler or remodeling contractor online for your area. Please make sure to ask for references (and call them) and get their licensing, insurance, and complaint information – it’s so easy to get ripped off if you don’t investigate the contractors. I don’t want to scare you, just make you aware that a lot of people end up with an unsatisfactory experience and had they called the former clients they could have bypassed it.

      As for the sunrooms, absolutely! They are VERY popular in the southern states. It’s a great way to add some extra room at an affordable price. There’s some companies online that sell the entire sunroom kits for manufactured homes – one of the most popular mobile home parts companies in the nation, Mobile Home Parts Store, has them here.. There’s all some national sunroom retailers – I see their commercials on TV all the time but I can’t remember their name. Sunrooms, I think.

      I wish you the best of luck! If there’s anything I can help you with just give me a yell! Thanks!

      • Kim

        I would love to see a blue print to this home to understand the floor plan better. We are going to add an addition to our single wide mobile and any ideas of floor plans and how it should flow would be great.

  9. Debbi Cobern

    Amazing! Must have been very $$$ to do! You would be hard pressed to believe that this was a mobile home! Great job!

  10. Michelle

    This was just done so well! The attention to detail really makes this home gorgeous.

  11. Evie tracy

    Love house tour!! I think you had spent awful amount of time re-designing your place. Kitchen update is quite impressive .I bought a condominium that needed some remodeling. While the bathrooms were usable, they weren’t pretty. Keeping the bathroom renovation on budget is important for me as I have to do major kitchen renovation too. I love your bathroom and you have utilized every single space pretty well , would love to copy some of your ideas to make rooms more functional and organized.

  12. Evelyn Kelly

    Your kitchen looks fabulous. I liked your cabinet’s colour as I have painted my cabinet with simple white colour but now seeing your kitchen I am very curious to change my kitchen room.


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