Today I am proud to bring you this Featured Home with an emphasis on adding an addition to a manufactured home. It’s amazing what we can do with our mobile homes using a little planning and hard work. These are real people and real homes, not the glossy show photos you see in the fancy house magazines where nothing is out of place and you’d be scared to walk through them, although this double wide is very close.
Additions are a great way to add space and beauty to a mobile home. Although a bit pricey and labor intensive, I can’t think of a better way to update your manufactured home.
Beginning construction on 20′ x 32′ addition

Today’s home is owned by a young couple, Brian and Bridget Walker. They are a picture perfect family and have 4 beautiful children ages 8 years to 9 months. They initially purchased a smaller doublewide that measured 28′ x 48′ square foot. In time, they continued to grow their family and their home. 

First, they built a 12′ x 16′ living room addition on the front of the doublewide. Next, came an 8′ x 8′ closet added to the master bedroom on the side of the home. Finally, they built a huge addition that measures 20′ x32′ on the back of the home. They utilized every spare inch of space around the parameter of their home, using smart planning and designing. The construction of the latest addition took them less than 3 months and they did everything themselves with a little help from family . They worked on it every free minute they had and are truly the king and queen of DIY in my book.

Keep reading to see more great photos and details of all their hard work and amazing results.
Construction of addition continued

All the projects were built onto the double wide to maximize space and flow. They now have 5 bedrooms, a large living room and an even larger family room along with 2 bathrooms, and a huge kitchen and dining area. The double wide is now an amazingly spacious and gorgeous home. (Of course, it was very nice before all the additions.)


The fireplace will be covered in rock and molding added to complete the room
Exterior of Addition

Mrs. Walker uses warm colors and kid friendly materials in her home. The flooring she picked is laminate. Laminate is a great alternative to real wood if you have children, it’s very easy to care for and will look new for years with the right upkeep.The children’s bedrooms are especially adorable, each one an extension of the child’s unique personality. The whole house has a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere, where comfort and beauty come together wonderfully. Thank you, Brian and Bridget, for letting my readers see your beautiful home.

Think your ready to build an addition? The planning and designing stage should be your first step and there you will decide how much space you need and how your going to tie the two together, if at all. The best candidate for mobile home additions are homes with proper foundation piers that have been poured below the frost line in your area. Additions should only be added to mobile homes that are permanently placed with no plans of being moved. If you have to move the mobile home and the additions you could be looking at a very expensive endeavor. Use the right materials and always have the right tool for the job. Ask the right people the right questions, if you know a plumber and have a plumbing question call them up. My husband is a master plumber and we get calls all the time asking for troubleshooting help and advice, it doesn’t bother him at all to answer a few. Research, research and research is my last bit of advice. There is so many points to consider that you really need to do your homework before buying the first nail or board. With the right knowledge you get the right results.

As always, thank you so much for reading Mobile and Manufactured Home Living!

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Hello! I'm Crystal, the creator of Mobile Home Living and I appreciate you stopping by! I hope MHL is an inspiring and informative resource for you! Please consider letting me feature your remodels, room makeovers, and home improvement projects. There's not enough inspiration available for manufactured homeowners and I want to change that. Thanks!

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17 Responses

  1. rt66paul

    The secret is in the foundation. This is true for all add ons on all typed of homes. If the whole thing is on a slab foundation(frost free araes with no heave), or has a outside wall to code, you can tie into that wall and contue along. You may use jacks for joists, but making the whole house on a tied together foundation is the best idea.

    I understand that some states would tax you differently, so in that case you need to have a “porch”(not tied to the mobile) and use it as a floor and use a wide piece of rubber that would flex as a connection at the wall.

    You could build a porch and put “utility rooms”(those that are not used for living) a large pantry, a wash room, the type of room that old houses used an enclosed back porch(even a bathroom for cleaning up from work outside) You could use one of these as a “mud room”. All of these suggestions are doable without compromising the mobile home

  2. juana

    we are planning a 22 by 30 addition and are wondering if they have an email we can contact hem at?We have many questions we would like to ask them about the whole process.

  3. Laura

    how do they enter the original home area? Did they use existing door or make window larger on existing home for a door? Wish they showed more photos of this type stuff. Can you take window out of the original mobile home and make hole area bigger for door.?

    • Danielle

      Is there any way that we can contact them for additional pictures and questions? Thanks!

      • Crystal Adkins

        Hi Danielle!

        There is! That is my cousin’s home and they have finished it and are letting me do an update on the article so I will get to that as soon as possible! Thanks so much!

  4. Aaron

    I am looking for any information on adding an addition to my mobile home. I would like to know how to address the roof and if I need to set the addition on blocks like the trailer or if I should set posts in concrete. Any info would be great.

  5. Travis

    Hi, Just a few questions about adding additions to a Mobile home.
    I am planning on purchasing a Manufactured/Mobile home. It is on a foundation.
    I was told by a Credit Union that you cannot do improvements to a Mobile home unless the manufacturer does the work. I was told that to resell one that has been modified the banks will not loan money on these homes. I was wondering if this information was true. The home we are looking into is 1,500 or so square feet. I want to modify all of the bed rooms into Master Bed Rooms with all of the features of a Master Bed Room such as Master Bath and huge walk in closets. I also want to customize the Kitchen. So if I do all of this work myself will I be able to sell the home in the future and get my investment profit out of the home??
    Thank you

    • Crystal Adkins

      Hi Travis,

      There’s a lot of rules and regulations that are put on manufactured homes by the lenders. Each lender is different and each state has their own laws. Personally, I’ve never heard anything about improvements only being done by the manufacturer. Manufacturers that I know of like Clayton and Skyline don’t even do improvements, they only build homes. Most dealerships will only handle installation, set up and finish carpentry. Some times the manufacturer will also be the dealer though and they would ensure proper installation and set up. I’ve never ever heard of a manufacturer doing any kind of repairs or improvements that weren’t part of installation or set up.

      Banks will loan money to anyone with good credit though sometimes a personal loan is needed to buy used manufactured homes instead of true outright mortgages. Some banks won’t touch a new manufactured home at all. They use a lie about manufactured homes having higher foreclosure rates as their reason though it’s not true at all. I would love to ask the person that told you that how are 8 million Americans buying manufactured homes (and I figure at least 40% of those are used homes) if a home can’t be resold once modified. All the real estate sites I’ve seen sell remodeled and renovated manufactured homes, is full of them!

      In my opinion, I think you were given some really bad information and it makes me so upset that people in banks and credit unions would ever tell anyone stuff like that. It’s not true and they need to educate themselves before spreading lies and misinformation to more people.

      I’m sorry you’ve had to deal with that. Please research your local and state laws and you should be able to find the truth quickly. I would probably find another credit union to deal with, too.

      Good Luck,

      • Chester

        I work in the insurance business, and I can tell you that any additions must be manufacturer-approved or else the entire home will be ineligible for coverage (not just the addition). I would check w/ your insurance company before doing anything.

      • Crystal Adkins

        Thanks Chester! Yeah, insurance and mobile homes don’t go together real well at all. Half my family that live in a factory-built homes can’t get insurance because of one reason or another.

  6. Thomas Paul

    Like to read new and advanced information on Room Addition Contractor the same subject. Thanks for writing on this relevant post and I have just subscibed ti the same with a view of more such good posts you will be publishing over the coming days.

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    • CrystalMHL

      I'll ask them when I speak to them again. They are always building and creating and making that home more awesome every year :)

    • Stephen

      From the last photo, it looks like they gabled the roof, rather than continuing the slope.

      I’m planning on building a mud room/pantry off of the back of ours (just extending the slope of the roof, with a step down out the back door) and am wondering how to keep everything together; I’m worried one or the other will settle more and mess up the roof (no frost line down here, but hurricanes/very heavy rains are an issue).


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