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That means they gave me a camera and asked me to review it and share my thoughts on it. They did not influence my opinion AT ALL and I told them that I would be brutally honest, good or bad from the get-go. Here’s what I thought:

Mobile home security is essential.

Four years ago, our home was robbed while we were away and I learned a lot from it.

We were going on a weekend fishing trip and was pumping gas at our local station before taking off. While pumping the gas an old schoolmate started a conversation while he was pumping his own gas and I told him where we were going. I didn’t think anything of it. Heck, I had known him my entire life! Our hometown is a typical small town and I knew every family and every secret there. I guess you never know anyone like you think you do though; he had became addicted to pain pills and was looking to score his next fix apparently. He knew where we lived and knew we were going to be gone for 2 days and he took full advantage of it.

Two days later, we came home to a mess. The garage was practically empty. He had taken our welder, weed-eater, push mower and every tool we had. He filled up an entire 4 door sedan with our stuff. He had tried to get in the house but thankfully didn’t.

The only thing that helped us catch him and get our possessions back was a neighbor seeing the car drive up in our driveway. She was able to describe the car and said when it came out of the driveway it was so loaded down that the trunk was practically touching the ground. She didn’t think nothing of it until we called and asked if she seen anything suspicious over the weekend. That gave us a starting point and we tracked him and the items down ourselves by knocking on doors, putting up flyers and basically being our own detectives. At no time did the police help us until I had enough witnesses and proof to show them. They wouldn’t even come to the house! I do not recommend this action but desperate times call for desperate measures. Thankfully, he was eventually charged and got 3 months jail time. He was out in less than 60 days.

That burglary was the final straw and was the main reason we decided to move out of our hometown. I realize that is drastic but southern West Virginia is not the place I grew up. Peace of mind is priceless and moving away from there was essential for me after that incident. I felt my daughter deserved to be raised in a better place, too. While I’m only 2 hours away, I feel like it’s an entire world away and I feel much more secure.

I learned two important lessons in this fiasco:

  1. Never tell anyone that you don’t know very well that you are going on a trip.
  2. Invest in a good security camera. Had I had him on camera robbing us the police would’ve taken us a lot more seriously and might have even helped us.
Needless to say, we are well secured now. We have a top notch security camera, trigger alarms on all the doors and windows and also a trigger alarm on the driveway. This set up is a lot cheaper than paying a monthly payment to a company and I can control every aspect of it and add features as the need grows. I had a camera that I paid about $100 for but once I got this new one, I quickly forgot that one! It had none of the features my new one offers.

The security camera I use now is the Watchbot.

I have it screwed into the ceiling in the kitchen window. It has full tilt and pan functionality allowing me to direct and control the viewing angle from any internet device (computer, tablet or phone). I can point it toward the driveway and see who just pulled in without getting up or I can rotate it into the kitchen and living room to see what my daughter or dogs are doing while I’m in my office.
The set up is easy. You install the software into your computer and hook it up to your router with the cat5 cable that came with it. Once it reads your network and you enter the settings, you unhook the cable and it becomes a complete wireless device. All you have to do is keep it plugged into an outlet. I am not a big fan of the computer programs interface. For all the cool things this camera offers I feel like it should have some awesome, high tech and clean interface but it doesn’t. The power chord is a bit too short, too. I didn’t have an inch to spare!
The numerous features this camera has is truly impressive. It has a full motion sensor and will send an alarm to you (via phone, tablet or computer) notifying you that motion has been detected and will send a screen shot to you of the detected motion. There is a 2 way radio feature that allows you to communicate with whoever is on the other side of your camera. That would be perfect for baby monitoring or as a gate monitor. It also has it’s own built-in web server which allows you to view live video from the camera via any web browser, from anywhere in the world. You can have up to 9 camera’s on one system and can view them all at one time.
One of the best features is the night vision. The built-in infra red sensors allows you to clearly see what’s going on in complete darkness. I have not found another camera with the features this one offers at such a great price and I researched a bit online to see what the market offered out there.
Night Vision Security Camera
My neighbor pays $29.95 a month to a well known security company just for the triggers on the windows and doors, there is no video involved.
That’s $359 a year! I bought the trigger alarms at my local hardware store for about $10 a piece and one Watchbot is regularly $315. However,
if you use the promo code you get 50% off that price. That makes it $157.50! They have package deals of 2, 4 and 9 cameras as well and you can
use the promo code on those, too.
The 50% Promo Code is: WB270631
It’s only good for the month of March, 2013

I don’t review many products. I feel that I’m here to help you, not try to sale you something. If I do review a product, I will be honest about it.

It did take me a day or so to get the hang of everything but after a couple tries I figured it all out. 



The camera I had was around $100 and all it did was sit in one position and record to a flash drive. No sound, no night vision and certainly no moving it from my computer or phone.

 I don’t make commission and I’m not an affiliate but I was asked to review the product and I’m glad they did.

One of the best features is the night vision. The built-in infra red sensors allows you to clearly see what’s going on in complete darkness. It’s not like the movies but it works fine enough to make out faces and see what’s happening.

As always, thank you for reading Mobile and Manufactured Home Living!

Mobile Home Security: Watchbot Review
Installation was the most difficult but after reading the manual a couple times I was able to get through it. Modern designed and makes my ceiling look all high tech! Awesome features that work like their supposed to. Night vision and the ability to move the camera side to side and up and down from my cell is pretty neat. Power chord is a bit too short and you have to have it plugged in or it doesn't work. Wireless internet connection.
Ease of Use9
Features Work As Promised10
Image and Video Quality 8.5
Design 10
The Good
  • Night Vision, Position Control and Sound
  • Ability to View From Phone, Tablet or Computer
  • Works Great
The Bad
  • Power Chord is too Short
  • Computer Interface is Bulky
9Overall Score
Reader Rating: (0 Votes)

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