The Kitchen Remodeling Process: Start to Finish



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  1. Shannon

    I’m thinking of a kitchen remodel of my 24 x 56 2001 Southern Energy. There is a wall behind my built-in ‘china cabinet’. Could this be a load bearing wall? How can I tell if it’s definitely load bearing?

  2. Tlc

    We're looking to put new flooring in. I want to use the same flooring throughout the entire house. (1300 sq ft double wide) We don't want to spend more than about $2500. & plan to DIY. Has anyone used the wood look vinyl planks sold at various home improvement stores? Does it hold up, buckle, scratch, etc? We live on a 10 acre farm so we need durability. We have partial laminate now and the biggest drawback is the tick tick of dog toenails & wanting the same flooring throughout. I'm not set on any product yet & would greatly appreciate all comments/suggestions. Thank you!!!

    • CrystalMHL

      Hello! You're in luck, we laid the cheapest floating floor/laminate that Lowe's has (around .68/sq ft) and I can tell you not to do it. It scratches very easily and the boards are manufactured in a way that makes at least 10% of the box not fit in properly so they are useless. It's one of those old lessons where you really do get what you pay for…lol…and yep, I have to keep the dogs nails trimmed short to keep them from clicking (but I think that would happen with any flooring).. I was just so anxious to get rid of the original 30+ year old flooring that I didn't really care about anything else..Plus we were able to get the whole house done for less than $500 plus padding. It will work for a few years anyway and I'm as happy as can be to not have to look at that old vinyl or carpet anymore :)

      With your price range of around $1.90 sq ft. you should be able to find a great flooring that will have a good finish that doesn't scratch easy. Maybe a flooring store has overstock or close out for the amount you need, that way you get a better quality for a cheaper price. I'm sure you'll find something that works well cause there's so many choices out there in every price range. Good luck!!


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