Please welcome Joanna, a guest blogger from Arcadia Lighting, that has some great ideas for lighting small living spaces with low ceilings, the most common issue in mobile home decor. I had asked her to write a post specific to mobile homes and she delivered this well written post along with great pictures to inspire you. Please enjoy:  

 Hi, I’m Joanna, a guest blogger for Arcadian Lighting, a fabulous go-to source for all things lighting. I spend my days gathering interior design ideas and sharing with blog readers like you. I love my work. Today, I bring you some design ideas for mobile home living. There is something intriguing about mobile home spaces. They are tiny, compact yet they can be decorated with personality and style. There are a few design challenges to overcome such as the lighting fixtures for low ceilings. Below you’ll find some decorating ideas to try in your own mobile dining space.

Small Dining Spaces

Bench seating works well in mobile spaces. A collapsible table would be the perfect way to provide a dining area in the space shown here.

Small Dining Spaces

This dining area is sexy and sophisticated. It proves mobile home style can be whatever you dream it to be. The textures here are sumptuous.

Small Dining Spaces

This unusual space uses a regular table and chairs not seen in most mobile spaces which are as tiny as this one.

Small Dining Spaces

For more dining space take the folding table and chairs outdoors for an al fresco dining experience.

Small Dining Spaces

This ultra modern space is sleek and refined. If you have issues with lighting your small dining area, think about installing multi-directional ceiling light fixtures such as shown here.

Small Dining Spaces

Another idea for lighting a small space with low ceilings is to use a floor lamp like the one shown here. It can be moved in any direction and provides control over the space.

Small Dining Spaces

This interesting ceiling light would also work well with low ceilings. It provides a terrific amount of light while staying well out of the way.

Small Dining Spaces

This arched floor lamp is similar to the one above and can be moved in any direction to tuck it out of the way if needed. There are similar lamps on the market that provide the same functionality but on a smaller scale.

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Did you enjoy these decorated mobile home rooms? If so, check out more interior design and lighting fixture inspirations at Arcadian Lighting!

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     Yep, we only pay personal property tax on our mobile home (not even 400/yr) and using the money we save on mortgage/taxes to build on..with the right design it won't even look like a mobile home but it will be taxed as one! Most people do associate mobile homes as poor and I want to change that any way I can. Most accountants say it is a poor investment but if your looking for equity the only thing you have to do is put it on a permanent foundation and take care of it, the land is what increases the equity the most anyway (even on mansions). Maybe if you show her some of the more modern designs available these days (Clayton's I-house) and teach her that it is a good investment that she'll come over to our! Good luck and thanks for commenting…come back soon! 

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    Oh Crystal if I could just convince my sweetie to do it! I would buy one cash and I would have it log sided oh to dream. Like many others she associates mobile homes with being poor. I am thinking long term pay cash for one and make the property all that you want and only pay land taxes. …Yep to dream.


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