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The Beginning

Mobile and Manufactured Home Living was born from frustration.

My husband and I had just taken our first step toward living a debt-free lifestyle by purchasing a 1978 mobile home. Our goal was to remodel and build onto the house, without incurring any debt, until it became a beautiful, contemporary, mortgage-free home. There was so much potential and so many possibilities!

I sat down at the computer and typed ‘mobile home remodeling ideas’ into the Google search bar one late summer afternoon, hoping to find lots of great images and helpful articles that would inspire me.

Unfortunately, I didn’t find much of anything.

There were a few relevant photos, small blogs, and articles scattered about but the majority of the links listed on the first page of Google wasn’t relevant at all – most were articles about site-built homes. I wanted to see homes that resembled my own, with similar decorating obstacles such as 7 foot ceilings, narrow hallways, and faux-wood striped paneling.

I wanted to see homeowners that had transformed their 30 year old single wide into a beautiful, modern home. I wanted to see beautiful mobile home transformations that could prove that our dream was really possible. I wanted to speak to them, ask them questions and get advice but I had to find them all first.

And so I began researching on how to start my own website. I didn’t know anything about the internet or how it even worked. As far as I could tell, the internet was a magical mystery machine some place far away. Somehow, thanks to technology, I managed to create a blog called Mobile Home Living.

I envisioned an online resource for mobile homeowners by mobile homeowners. A site that only featured mobile and manufactured homes. A place of inspiration and ideas and pride. A place where no one is judged simply because their home was built in a factory.


Mobile and Manufactured Home Living strives to be a positive voice, a helpful resource, and a strong advocate for the millions of people living in manufactured homes.  

Our mission is to be the leading resource dedicated to mobile and manufactured homes. We strive to provide great inspiration, information, and ideas for all manufactured home projects, with topics such as buying and selling, remodeling, improvement and repair, makeovers, and vintage mobile homes.

We also hope to educate those that are unfamiliar with manufactured homes or may have an outdated or negative opinion of the homes. With education we can help put an end to the negative stereotyping and name-calling that is often associated with factory-built housing.


We have been mentioned on a few very popular websites!

BobVilla.com published an article about mobile home makeovers where they mentioned Mobile Home Living! 

The article states:

“Crystal Adkins, editor at Mobile Home Living, covers lots of DIY mobile home remodeling projects on her site. She often concludes that had she not told her readers that these are manufactured homes, they never would have known. Is she right? Take a look at a few choice mobile home makeovers and judge for yourself.”


bob villa


That article was picked up by Yahoo! Canada’s Homepage, Yahoo! US Homepage, and Yahoo! Homes.

We’ve also had featured homes shown on Tiny House Listings and several more notable and popular websites.



MMHL has lots of goals. To always be improving and learning is our #1 goal.

Continuing to improve and grow, in both traffic and content, is a top priority.  Improving our content and expanding our reach is another top priority.

 We have a lot of great plans for the future:

  • Video Series featuring remodeling and repair instructions.
  • Digital magazine published quarterly and/or monthly. A printed magazine is a top goal. 
  • Book Publishing (Printed and Digital) for manufactured home remodeling, repair, and decor.
  • Guides, infographics, presentations, PDFs, and ebooks covering a variety of topics to be released throughout the year. We have released 2 ebooks to our newsletter subscribers in 2014:
    •  How to Build Trailers
    • Feng Shui for Manufactured Homes



Below is a screenshot of a traffic report for a 30 day period between September and October, 2014.

sept 2014 analytucs

Our Growth Timeline

We have steadily grown since we published our first article in September, 2011. Below is a chart that shows our monthly traffic growth isince we began 3 years ago.

Please note, we have ever perused any type of paid advertising or marketing campaigns other than a Facebook ad campaign that ran for 3 weeks in the summer of 2014. All of our growth is absolutely organic!


Growth from September 1, 2011 to September 30, 2014.

Social Media

Our Facebook and Pinterest pages each have around 4,000 awesome followers. We don’t use Twitter much so we only have around 600 followers.

We started a newsletter in November, 2013. The response has been terrific and we have thousands of subscribers! We publish no more than 2 newsletter per month.

How we can work together:

If you have a special project or arrangement that fits our readers interests and needs, please contact me and I’ll do my best to help you reach your goals.

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