Buying and selling manufactured homes just got a lot easier! There’s a new website called that is bringing buyers and sellers together with easy to use features and a simple, common sense approach. If you’re looking for a mobile or manufactured home to buy or rent or have a property to sell this site is perfect for you.

There’s plenty of reasons why I like My favorite things about it is that it is only mobile and manufactured homes. No need to weed out the homes you don’t want or can’t afford. It takes the power of a real estate agent and puts it in your tablet, phone or computer. 

As a buyer you simply type in the city, state or zip code and all the homes are displayed in a single column with photos. If you’re not certain of the city you can use the handy map area on the right and just click your way to the area you are interested in. 

You can click below the search field to see the most recently added listings or you can search by price. If you want to narrow your options even further, you check a few boxes for the features you are looking for most (buy or rent, number of bedrooms, laundry, swimming pool, air conditioner, etc) and it automatically discards the listings that doesn’t meet your needs. 

This site will allow you to view the listing in both street view or map view. You can see the neighborhood and surrounding town with only a couple of click of the mouse. 


The photos are large enough to see without having to maximize the page and the page isn’t overcrowded or cluttered. The designers really put user experience first. The interface displays all the needed information for a real estate listing in an efficient and easy to read manner. You’ll see the price plainly as well as the number of bedrooms, baths and the location of the home.

When you see a home that interests you, simply click on the listing to get more information. A new page will show you all the amenities and features and usually several more photos and videos. If you want to learn more all you do is fill the form out below the listing and hit send. 

You can register and log in to the site and it will save any listing you want to your own watch list. There’s no need to give sensitive information to register. The form will only ask for your email address and a password. You can also utilize one-click registration through Google+, Facebook or your Yahoo accounts. While you will need to register to post a listing, you do not have to log in to browse the site.

It’s very easy to sell a manufactured home on, too. Simply register and chose the type of listing you want. There’s 5 types to choose from: free, basic, featured, pro and enterprise. The free listing gets one home and one photo on the site with sharing capabilities to Facebook and Twitter for maximum exposure to your social networks. For any homeowner trying to sell their mobile or manufactured home themselves, this is great no-cost resource. It’s clearly a great way to get the word out about your home and it’s free. Nothing beats free!
The basic option costs a one time fee of $24.95 and lets you add 6 photos of your home along with a video. There’s also more features that can get your listing noticed by your target market faster.
There are easy to complete fields that asks only the most pertinent information about your property such as price, features and amenities. You can then upload photos either via upload or the simpler drag and drop method and your listing is ready to be published on the site. If you want to add or delete anything on the listing a simple click of the button will do.
I really think this site is a very useful tool for anyone looking to buy, sell or rent a manufactured home. The site already has hundreds of listings and the more people learn about it, the bigger it will get.
There’s a lot of potential in this site and I really hope to see it do well. It’s a needed tool and it offers a sleek, easy to use interface that anyone can use. The fact that it is only for mobile and manufactured homes makes it even better!
As always, thank you for reading Mobile and Manufactured Home Living.

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