Creating storage in a mobile home is handy, if you can find it. I never have enough space to store certain things, mostly my art and craft supplies, so I came up with a solution – a bench in the dining room that we could use as seating, too.

Thankfully, our home has a great layout and even has a walk in pantry and a coat closet at the front door. It can easily become a modern, contemporary home with some time and money invested. Here’s the basic layout:

In this layout you can see our kitchen and dining room is one room. Open floor plans were popular in the 70′s, too! We have moved the fish tank that was separating the kitchen/dining room from the living room – I killed all the fish on accident! Also, there is a step up from the living room to the dining/kitchen that’s about 4 inches high. 

A more detailed graphic of our kitchen/dining room area is below. You can see there are 2 small walls that stand out about 2 feet and kind of act as a separator for the dining area from the kitchen and living room. The purple blocks represent those walls and that’s where we built the storage bench that opens from the top. It is great for storing items we only use occasionally.

Building a storage bench, or window seat, in a mobile home is a basic building project. If you can frame out a box, you can build a storage bench!

First, you need to figure out the size and frame it out. I think we decided on 14” off-center, which means the boards are centered at the 14” mark from the exact center line and then another 14” is marked and the stud, or board, is placed directly in the center, and on and on.  

We had this lumber left over from a previous project, you can see it’s not grade A lumber but since it’s going to be covered, and didn’t have any weak points, it would do fine. 

Once the frame is built, you will need to figure out the hinged doors that open from the top. We made the top frame a little higher so the top would set evenly. 

It took a couple of hours to build and about $60.00 in material – probably less. The only thing it needs now is the trim and paint. I’ll probably have to DIY a foam cushion set because all the bench sized cushions are pretty expensive. I’m thinking some 3 inch foam from the fabric shop and a quick cover would be much more affordable.. Plus I could use the mobile home fabric I’ve been eyeing! It’s amazing how much money you can save when you Do-It-Yourself! 

Additional Storage Ideas for a Mobile Home

Additional storage in a mobile home is a convenient thing to have, especially for things that aren’t used often. 

Utilizing an area that is not being productive is the best options for storage in mobile homes. 

This photo shows a great use of space and is perfect for additional storage in mobile homes. Drawer tracks are not very expensive and you can build the drawers easily with a Kreig Jig, one of the most useful tools ever made – the jig allows you to create the right angle connections and joints for furniture, or any type of building. It’s a great tool for anyone that does do-it-yourself projects at home. 

The cabinet and drawer concept below is a great idea that maximizes storage space in a mobile home. Turning the shelves like that really increases the storage. 

The storage bench below is a great addition to any home and would certainly increase storage in a mobile home, especially by the front or back door, or in a bedroom. 

Man, this is next storage idea is smart! It’s a great use of unused space but I bet you’d probably need to use laminate or tile on the floor underneath, and maybe even add a floor drain to keep water from pooling under the tub. It’s perfect if you don’t like bottles all over your bathroom!

Storage for mobile homes can make your home work better for you and your family. A place for everything and everything in its place! 

Walk around the house and look at the areas you don’t use often. Think about what could be done to improve the space, and you’re bound to come up with some great ideas! Shelving, baskets, boxes, adding wheels or modifying an existing piece of furniture just a bit can make a big difference. 

A smart tip from the professionals is to always by furniture that is multi-functional, or can be used in different ways. An ottoman that doubles as storage, for instance. They now make sofas with storage bins under them!

Have you built in a storage solution for your home?
 I would love to hear about it or see it! Share it with us in the comments. 
Thank you for reading Mobile and Manufactured Home Living!

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8 Responses

  1. Sandra Sweeney

    I hung “Command” hooks on the back of the medicine cabinet doors for all the keys we were forever misplacing. Works great!

    An upcoming projects building a n elevated base for the washer and dryer so we can store shoes and boots on trays that slide underneath quite easily.

    We added hooks in the bathroom for additional cost storage. My favorite hook is an antique reproduction hook with five movable arms.

    I have several antique crocks that we use for storing potatoes, onions, bird seed, and pet food.

    We have a broom closet in the kitchen. I installed an LED light on the underside of the shelf to make it easier to find what we need.

  2. Chelle

    Where can I find plans to make the table and bench seating with the drawers? This is perfect for what I am looking for!
    Thank you!

  3. Renee Dillman-Kuehl

    Love the site! We just bought a home and it has the vinyl looking wallpaper and the strips between seams in other rooms. Have you painted over this and if so how?
    When you remove the strips I am thinking of using a patch and than painting top and cottage strips below but wider. Any suggestions would be helpful!!!!


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