There’s a smart new design for mobile homes by Mehdi Hidari Badie. I’ve seen it featured on and so far. This flat-pack house on wheels is very a futuristic design that utilizes space efficiently. What everyone seems to fail to see is that this is very much a throwback to the original flat pack homes from the 1950’s. Everything old becomes new again!

Of course, there was no solar panels in the 1950’s and the newer technology is obvious but the design implication is very much there. The use of steel, plastics, aluminum and thermoplastic insulation is engineers dream come true. This could very well be what travel trailers and mobile homes become in the future.


spacious-flat-home-deployed spacious-flat-pack-house

spacious-folding-closed-home spacious-fold-out-houseportable_home_17

What’s your take on this mobile home design?

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  1. Brian Irving

    Any chance you could advise a contact for the makers , love the concept and would like to talk to them ,we are from down under (Australia) and are about to start a tiny house building community

  2. deborah

    Too bad they had no interior shots. Very interesting and I love the solar part. These young designers are really stretching the envelope in a “good”way.

    • Crystal Adkins

      Hi Michele! I found this awesome home on another site and I think it was just a concept home from a student and they haven’t been manufactured yet. I’d say in a few more years though we’ll be able to get something very similar. Ikea has a mobile home concept that’s a bit similar to this, too. I think they were just starting to produce them but haven’t seen anything about them in a few months.

      Sorry I couldn’t be more help!

  3. adnan

    it a lovely potable thing it will make thing easy for traveling loving people. thumbs up for it and the main thing i realy like is the use of solar energy it perfect.


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