Buying A Manufactured Home: Tips, Information, And Resources
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Buying a Mobile Home

Buying a pre-owned mobile home or a brand new manufactured home is daunting but we’re here to help.

The information in this section will help anyone when buying a mobile home.

If you are buying a manufactured home you’ll find expert tips to help choose the right upgrades. We’ve also published articles on the best financing options for new homes.

Pre-owned mobile home buyers can find information on inspection of an older mobile home for damage and how to get the title registered properly. 

Mobile Home Living is the only blog that has no affiliation with dealers, builders, parts suppliers, or investors. This blog is published by mobile home owners for mobile home owners.

Learn about Manufactured Home Installation and Setup

Proper manufactured home installation and setup is vital to your home's health. Simply put, there is nothing more important than having your manufactured home installed and setup correctly and keeping it level. Improper installation will result in serious damage. The stress on one small part of the structure impacts the entire home.…

Manufactured Home Warranties – How to Handle Issues after the Sell

We’ve previously covered 6 Tips For A Smooth Manufactured Home Purchase. You may have all the hardest decisions made but your manufactured home buying experience isn't over. All new manufactured homes have a builder-backed manufactured home warranty that is a minimum of one-year long and you need to take full advantage it. In this article, we…

Caveat Emptor, Let the Buyer Beware

 "When I see a mobile home, I see a ATM"                                                                      - Tom Sheppard This is an article about owner financing deals where the mobile homes are sold but the land or dirt is only rented. I found this on a site called "The  Lemon'aide' Stand" a blog about investing and making money. It's not…

Mobile Home Insurance

Nearly eight percent of the U.S. population live in manufactured housing according to the Population Reference Bureau and US Census. While several laws have…

5 Mobile Home Myths Busted

The ignorance about mobile and manufactured housing is astounding. By ignorance, I simply mean there are many that are uneducated and misinformed about mobile and manufactured housing. Those people are usually the very ones who speak ill or spread untruths about mobile homes unknowingly. With proper education and knowledge I am…