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Buying a Mobile Home

Buying a pre-owned mobile home or a brand new manufactured home is daunting but we’re here to help.

The information in this section will help anyone when buying a mobile home.

If you are buying a manufactured home you’ll find expert tips to help choose the right upgrades. We’ve also published articles on the best financing options for new homes.

Pre-owned mobile home buyers can find information on inspection of an older mobile home for damage and how to get the title registered properly. 

Mobile Home Living is the only blog that has no affiliation with dealers, builders, parts suppliers, or investors. This blog is published by mobile home owners for mobile home owners.

April 2018 Mobile Home Finds

It's that time again, time to share our favorite Craigslist mobile home finds. Each month we search online to find our top picks of mobile homes that catch our eye. Whether it be for their potential, outstanding remodeling, or just because they are a steal, we love sharing our finds with you! Just a reminder, we aren't realtors, we just enjoy…

Our Favorite Mobile Homes for Sale in February 2018

Every month, we search the internets for our favorite mobile homes for sale all across the country. Thanks to our friend and mobile home expert Steve (and his facebook group Manufactured Housing) we haven't had any trouble finding them. This month's our favorite mobile homes for sale have features we love, have been completely remodeled, or…

These 5 Inexpensive Mobile Homes Have So Much Potential

Many families use inexpensive mobile homes as a 'stepping stone home' - they live in them while saving up to buy their dream home. New and used manufactured homes are great starter homes for young families and retirees that don't want a lot of space to have to maintain. These 5 homes are smaller but none cost over $16,000. You could save a ton of…

7 Cheap Mobile Homes: The Original, and Affordable, Tiny Homes

The Oxford dictionary defines cheap as something that is bought at a low cost or worth more than it costs. That's a fair definition of these 7 cheap mobile homes. They may be affordable but they would make cute homes for anyone wanting to live for a little less. These are the true tiny homes that we regular non-yuppies can afford. These 7 cheap…

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