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Buying a Mobile Home

Buying a pre-owned mobile home or a brand new manufactured home is daunting but we’re here to help.

The information in this section will help anyone when buying a mobile home.

If you are buying a manufactured home you’ll find expert tips to help choose the right upgrades. We’ve also published articles on the best financing options for new homes.

Pre-owned mobile home buyers can find information on inspection of an older mobile home for damage and how to get the title registered properly. 

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Ending Mobile Home Myths and Misinformation

Mobile home myths, misinformation, and stereotypes have robbed many people of the opportunity to live in more affordable housing. They Don't Know What They Don't Know about Mobile Homes People don't know what they don't know about manufactured homes. Last they probably heard were these homes are dangerous death traps and only poor people and dirty…

The Brilliance of Making Additional Principal Payments

Financing for Manufactured Homes Please welcome Suzanne and Dave! They are kindly sharing their experiences making additional principal payments on their manufactured home mortgage, and you won't believe how much money they are saving! Related: More Information Regarding the Factors Involved In Mobile Home Financing. What is an…

How to Buy Mobile Home Insurance at the Best Rates

In today's uncertain world, any major purchase you make should be covered by insurance. A mobile home or manufactured home is no exception. While certain risks associated with owning a factory-built home may be slightly different than those associated with a traditional home, there are certainly many insurers eager to compete for your business. In…

How to Find the Best Manufactured Home Floor Plan

A manufactured home floor plan is an invaluable tool for potential home buyers. In the US alone, there are dozens of manufactured home builders offering hundreds of different models. Using information provided on the model's floor plan can help buyers determine the best home for their needs quickly and easily. ...the floor plan is a treasure map,…