These 3 New Single Wide Manufactured Homes Are Simply Splendid

Single wide manufactured homes have come a long way since the trailer houses of the early 1930s. Today’s new designs range anywhere from as small as 500 square feet to over 1,000. With many layouts and decor styles to choose from, the possibilities are endless. Today, we are sharing three single wide manufactured homes that

mobile home insurance

Mobile Home Insurance

Nearly eight percent of the U.S. population live in manufactured housing according to the Population Reference Bureau and US Census. While several laws have been enacted over the years to make them safer and more capable of withstanding destructive winds, we will always need mobile home insurance. There are several options available for mobile home

How to Buy a Mobile Home with Bad Credit

How to Buy a Mobile Home with Bad Credit

You’ve found just the perfect mobile home and total bliss awaits. But your credit isn’t so great, so you figure it’s time to brush up on loan types and credit scores. So we wanted to put together some ideas on how to buy a mobile home with bad credit. As you begin, pause to remember that

Park Model Living Area

Cool Tiny Homes That Stand Out

Cool tiny homes like the ones we are sharing today are why the tiny house movement is taking off. As more people are simplifying their lives and embracing a less is more lifestyle, its no surprise that living in a smaller home would be part of that. Tiny homes typically range from 100-400 square feet

St Croix Exterior

3 Luxury Double Wide Designs on the Market Today

Recently we shared with you 3 smaller single wide designs available on the market. This time we are taking a look at 3 luxury double wide designs that are hot right now. These 3 homes offer a wide variety of styles that will meet just about any family’s needs. The Zion From Titan First up

selling a manufactured home - updating the home for higher sells price

Selling Your Manufactured Home: What Buyers Look For

If you are selling your manufactured home there are a few updates you can do to make your home sell faster and at a higher price. Through the years, I’ve been in many manufactured homes. I’m fortunate enough to live in one of the top states for manufactured home sells, after all! One trend that I’ve noticed is

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3 Smaller Single Wide Designs That Are a Cut Above

Single wide designs aren’t what they used to be. Ranging from tiny homes that are less than 500 square feet, to homes that are as much as 1400 square feet, you can find just about anything you are looking for in today’s models. Whether you are downsizing, looking for a starter home, or simply on

Triple Wide Living Room

This Triple Wide Manufactured Home Design is Spacious

We share a variety of mobile homes here at Mobile Home Living. From tiny homes to double wides we love finding remodeled homes as well as new models that are hitting the market. This time we are sharing a triple wide manufactured home design from Clayton Homes that is family ready. Room for All the

Casagrande alternative exterior

Hot New Manufactured Home Design: The Casa Grande

It’s no secret that we love manufactured homes. Single wides, double wides, new, or vintage we aren’t particular. And its always fun to look at the new homes that are hitting the market, such as the hot new manufactured home design: The Casa Grande we are featuring today. Keep in mind, the Casa Grande is

Iowa Single Wide Exterior

5 Budget-Friendly Single Wide Mobile Homes for Sale That Wow

There was a time, not so long ago, that finding budget-friendly single wide mobile homes to buy was next to impossible. Realtor sites didn’t share listings and Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist weren’t as well used as they are now. As you know, those days are long gone. No matter what kind of mobile home you

Brookstone double wide - skyline homes - floor plans

10 Great Manufactured Home Floor Plans

Floor plans have an astounding effect on people’s lives. How we live and interact with our family is greatly impacted by a home’s layout. We need a home to meet our lifestyle and provide style and convenience. That is especially true when it comes to manufactured home floor plans. In fact, online buyers agree that floor plans are more important than

Advice for New Manufactured Home Buyers - Magnolia Manufactured Homes

Our Best Advice for New Manufactured Home Buyers

Buying a new manufactured home is no walk in the park. I wish I could say it’s a lot like buying a site-built home but it’s not. In fact, it’s completely different from buying a new site-built home because the majority of the protections that site-built homebuyers have simply aren’t there for new manufactured home