How to Update Mobile Home Cabinets

Most mobile home cabinets are typically made with MDF that is wrapped or covered with one of four materials: paper, laminate or melamine, Thermofoil, and veneer. In this article, we show you how to repair …

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3 Remedies for Yellow Bathtubs in Mobile Homes

If you own an older mobile home there’s a good chance you already have a yellow bathtub. Yellow bathtubs in mobile homes is a popular complaint with homeowners. I’m not just talking about tubs with stains or grime buildup but the entire tub, or the material it is comprised of, actually turns yellow. It can

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Can You Remove Walls in a Mobile Home?

One of the most popular questions we get in our Facebook group, Mobile Home Living: Remodels and Repairs are about removing walls in mobile homes. Many manufactured homes have half pony walls, weirdly designed built-ins, and oddly angled walls that separate living areas. Open floor plans are the most popular floor plans so many homeowners

5 Mobile Home Maintenance Tips To Get Ready For Spring

Spring is right around the corner, and mobile home maintenance is a must to get your home ready for the pretty weather. We all know how hard Winter can be on your home, but with these 5 Spring cleanup tips, it won’t take long to get your mobile home and lawn ready to go. Get

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Ultimate Guide to Mobile Home Additions

Unfortunately, many mobile homeowners attach porches and additions onto their mobile homes incorrectly. It’s not usually a detrimental issue, thankfully, but an incorrectly installed mobile home addition can pose problems. In this article, we are going to cover mobile home additions as thoroughly as possible. We’ll cover the advantages and disadvantages of adding to your

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Flooring Options for Mobile Homes

The teenaged flooring guy at Home Depot once told me I could never use tile in a manufactured home because they ‘couldn’t handle the weight.’ I restrained from going into a 5-minute speech about the various flooring options for mobile homes and why he was so very wrong. I could’ve pulled up images and spreadsheets

Painting Wood Paneling

How to Paint Wood Paneling in Mobile Homes

Apartment Therapy, one of the most popular home decorating blogs in America, boldly proclaims that wood paneling is cool again. We hate to brag but we’ve been dealing with wood paneling in mobile homes for decades so we’re way ahead of the game! One of the biggest complaints from manufactured homeowners is our limited wall

12 Tips to Ready Your Mobile Home For Winter

It’s that time again, time to ready your mobile home for Old Man Winter. With winter on its way, now is the time to prepare your home. The season brings cold winds, below zero temperatures, and snow which is why we have put together 12 tips to make sure your mobile home is cold-weather ready.

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How to Paint Vinyl Walls in a Mobile Home (and Remove the Battens)

Painting vinyl walls in a mobile home is time-consuming and frustrating because of the shiny surface and those blasted battens covering the seams. Older mobile homes usually have faux wood paneling, so they aren’t as frustrating to paint. But manufactured homes built after the early eighties tend to have walls made from panels of pressed gypsum

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Get Your Mobile Home Ready for Winter with these 7 Tips

When the leaves start turning pretty colors and football is in full swing it’s time to winterize your mobile home. Older mobile homes have poor insulation compared to homes built today. Energy efficiency experts say that if your mobile home is over 30 years old you need to add insulation to the floors, walls, and

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14 Great Mobile Home Exterior Makeover Ideas for Every Budget

Mobile homes have many great advantages. If living within your means or becoming completely debt-free is your goal, an older mobile home should be on the top of your potential housing list. Buying an older mobile home, then building onto it and updating it as your budget allows, is a great way to have a wonderful home at an affordable

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How to Replace Your Mobile Home Ceiling with Drywall

I’ve noticed homeowners are especially intimidated when it comes to mobile home ceilings. If you know your way around a toolbox and have had a few construction projects under your belt you should be able to replace your mobile home ceiling with drywall as long as you have some help and/or the right tools. Replacing