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5 Manufactured Homes With Additions For Sale In May

Every month we scour the internet to find mobile homes to share with you. This month we thought we would share 5 manufactured homes with additions for sale that we found online. Some are just basic additions, others make us wonder where the manufactured home ends and the addition begins. Keep in mind, that these


5 Stunning Manufactured Homes For Sale In Texas

This month we travel to Texas where we are sharing 5 stunning manufactured homes listed for sale. It wasn’t easy to narrow it down to just 5, there were almost 3000 homes listed on the Realtor site when we were researching this article. From fixer-uppers to homes that are completely remodeled or brand new, the


5 Classy Mobile Homes For Sale In March

As we head into Spring we are sharing these 5 classy mobile homes we found for sale this month. Located across the country, these homes are all unique in their own way, and just like stick-built homes, their prices have definitely gone up recently. Keep in mind, these homes were available at publication, but we


5 Stellar Mobile Homes For Sale In The Carolinas

This month we are taking a peek at 5 stellar mobile homes for sale in the Carolinas. These models range from the mid-90s to a 2021 model that has it all. Each of these homes offers something different, from decor styles to remodeling tips you can use in your own manufactured home. Keep in mind,

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5 Showcase Worthy Mobile Homes For Sale in California

We are starting the year out with 5 showcase worthy mobile homes that are for sale in California. These homes range from ’70s models to as new as 2019 and they are all unbelievably beautiful! Keep in mind, that these homes were available at publication, but may not be available for long. Related: 3 Amazing

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3 Single Wide Home Designs That Offer Comfortable Living

Single Wide home designs have come a long way through the years. Offered in various sizes, single wide homes now range from 14′ to 18′ wide and are anywhere from 66′ to 80′ feet long. The finds we are sharing today are full of great design ideas, including open floor plans, curved kitchens, as well

5 Marvelous Mobile Homes on the Market This Month

This month we scoured the internet to find 5 marvelous mobile homes to share with you. Luckily we didn’t have to look too far thanks to the Facebook group of our friend Steve, I Love Manufactured/Mobile Homes. From vintage homes that are still in their original glory, to those completely remodeled homes, each of these

5 Nice 80’s Mobile Homes For Sale This Month

This month we are sharing 5 nice 80’s mobile homes that we found listed on realtor sites in different areas of the country. From double wides on full basements to cute single wides, these homes are all great finds. Keep in mind, these homes were available at publication, but we can’t guarantee they will be


5 Cool Canadian Manufactured Homes Listed Online For Sale

This month we are moving North and featuring 5 cool Canadian manufactured homes we found online. When we started our research for this month’s listings we couldn’t help but notice the prices. It turns out, according to the CBC, the median sale price of a mobile home in Vancouver was $169,950 in 2017, and it

5 Awesome Small Single Wide Homes For Sale

The 5 small single wide homes we are sharing this month are all great deals and are in move-in-ready condition. Keep in mind, that these homes were available at publication, but may not be available for long. 2018 Skyline for 99,900 in Maine This 2 bedroom/2 bath mobile home has it all. With a gorgeous


5 New Construction Mobile Homes for Sale in August 2022

Lately, we have been seeing more new construction mobile homes for sale across realtor sites. There are many advantages to buying homes like this, such as: Avoid the hassle of the setup of your new home No worry about having to find a site to place the home Lots of these new construction mobile homes

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Cool Mobile Homes For Sale in June

It was really tough this month to narrow down our for-sale post to just 5 cool mobile homes for sale, there were so many great ones to choose from. Just a reminder, although these cool mobile homes were available online at publication, the links may not still be available as homes are sold quickly! Gorgeous