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Clayton’s Gen-Now Concept Home

I try to refrain from featuring a particular manufacturer or model here on Mobile Home Living. By remaining neutral and never accepted advertising from dealers or builders, I can put the readers first which has always been my first priority. However, when a company deserves a little pat on the back I don’t mind a bit to give it to them and this is one of those cases.

Clayton’s Gen-Now Concept Home is Impressive

Clayton Homes tried to bring more modern and environmentally friendly manufactured homes to the market a few years ago with the ihouse and ehouse. Unfortunately, the prices were a bit too much for the market to handle and they never caught on. Still, it was refreshing to see what the future may hold for manufactured home design.

Clayton’s Gen-Now Concept Home is a beautiful home. It’s sleek, modern design is a breath of fresh air. Much thought has obviously been put into the design. Clayton seems to understand how people use the space within their home well.

Clayton's Gen-Now Concept Home-Clayton_The-Home-of-Tomorrow_Liv_1050-1

Clayton's Gen-Now Concept Home-Clayton_The-Home-of-Tomorrow_Living room with office view

Clayton's Gen-Now Concept Home-Clayton_The-Home-of-Tomorrow_Office

Clayton's Gen-Now Concept Home-Clayton_The-Home-of-Tomorrow_Kitchen

Clayton's Gen-Now Concept Home-Clayton_The-Home-of-Tomorrow_Kitchen 2

Clayton's Gen-Now Concept Home-Clayton_The-Home-of-Tomorrow_Kitchen Island

Clayton's Gen-Now Concept Home-Clayton_The-Home-of-Tomorrow_Master Bedroom

Clayton's Gen-Now Concept Home-Clayton_The-Home-of-Tomorrow_Master Bedroom 2

Clayton's Gen-Now Concept Home-Clayton_The-Home-of-Tomorrow_Bathroom

Clayton's Gen-Now Concept Home-Clayton_The-Home-of-Tomorrow_Bathroom_Shower

Clayton's Gen-Now Concept Home-Clayton_The-Home-of-Tomorrow_Laundry_Room

Clayton's Gen-Now Concept Home-Clayton Homes new Concept House

Clayton's Gen-Now Concept Home-Clayton_The-Home-of-Tomorrow_Ext-Front_1036-1

Clayton's Gen-Now Concept Home-Clayton_The-Home-of-Tomorrow_Ext-Back_1047-1

Here’s the press release from Clayton Homes:

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (April 25, 2014) – Clayton Homes, the nation’s largest home builder*, will unveil its new Concept House at the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting on May 3, 2014, in Omaha, Neb. The Concept House, which reinvents the way homeowners live in their homes, was designed to suit the specific interests and lifestyles of the 19 – 37 age group (Gen Now) and reinvents traditional floor plans to accommodate “larger living.”

By 2020, the housing market will consist of more first-time homeowners than ever before. With 92 million Gen Now consumers enter the market. The Gen Now group challenges the norm, embraces individuality and perceives the home as a personal reflection. The design of Clayton Homes’ Concept House is based on extensive research and insight into Gen Now and represents the innovative details that this generation looks for in their homes. Its aesthetics include cool and trendy elements, while its spaces offer flexible rooms, useful areas, and built-in storage. Rooms are designed to evolve and grow with the homeowner over time and adapt to changing needs.

Included in the Concept House are Smart Points, Clayton Homes’ collection of features and technologies that provide unexpected conveniences, such as a recharging station for electronics, sliding barn doors that transform spaces, unique storage areas, and modern design elements

“We have spent a lot of time learning about Gen Now in order to create a home that truly represents it,” said Kevin Clayton, CEO of Clayton Homes. “Our designers have put careful thought and attention into supplementing this generation’s lifestyle throughout the home. We constantly focus on innovation, and we wanted to create a home that would meet the needs of this impactful age group.”

Clayton’s Gen-Now Concept Home Marketing Fails 

I’m not a big fan of the way Clayton Home’s markets themselves.This home is an example of why I have reached that opinion over the last couple of years. It seems that they fail to understand exactly who their customers are time and time again.

“The Concept House, which reinvents the way homeowners live in their homes, was designed to suit the specific interests and lifestyles of the 19 – 37 age group (Gen Now). It reinvents traditional floor plans to accommodate “larger living.”

Was it really necessary to tag this home to a particular age range or generation? I understand they want to market to the first-time buyers that will be hitting the market in the next few years. But, why not market their products to all potential buyers instead of a select few? I’m over the age range they stated above but I love this home, it’s exactly the type of manufactured home I would want to buy if I ever decided to buy a new one (and we have been seriously thinking about it, to be honest). It’s a small pet peeve and I’m not offended by it. But it is yet another example of the company failing to truly understand who their buyers are. I wish they would stop trying to appeal to one small group and market to all of us!

Still, it’s a nice home with a great deal of thought put into the design and I appreciate that. If they do produce these homes on a mass scale and at an affordable price, and I hope they do, I’m sure it will be a success.

As always, thank you for reading Mobile Home Living!

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  1. I’d still want a bathtub I could stretch out in. I like this home. The tan color is a little boring. I like monochromes and blues. But still, I would live in this so I never ended up homeless.

  2. We too, are ‘decades’ over the ‘limit’ for this Gen Now home!!, but we love it! Someone needs to manufacture this and NOW is the time.
    Would make a great vacation home, down-sizing home, etc.
    Liked it immediately !!
    A nice over- 55 Mobile home park with these would flourish.
    They need to work on this concept again.

  3. Hi Angie!

    That’s smart! Any good installer will welcome the questions and a homeowner that wants to ensure everything is done right. It is a very good idea to pay to have the home wrapped.

    I’d love to see the highlights of the video!

  4. Hi David,

    Thanks for the info. Concept homes aren’t usually in production, they just display the newest ideas in home construction but they are fun to look at

  5. I read on another site that the sq. ft. is 1200. I also learned from Clayton homes that this model is not in production. Alas!

  6. EXACTLY Steve! I learned my lesson about OSB house wrap when I was 8 years old. My father bought a brand new 1986 Redman double wide and I watched the installers put the vinyl siding right over the insulation. Even at 8 years old I knew that wasn’t how it should be!

    I understand that cost is a big issue when it comes to using the plywood flooring and house wrap but it should be standard and an option that all buyers are aware of.

    Thanks so much for reading MHL!

  7. steve lancaster

    When I look at Clayton Homes website, they now have a popup asking what technology features I would pay extra for….and I said yes to most. What REALLY matters though, they do not seem to care at all about. How about option of plywood floors instead of OSB, metal house style water fixtures, sinks and tub/shower, house style sinks, house type tubs and showers, make OSB house wrap standard or at least TELL people they have nothing but insulation board between the vinyl siding and inside walls, use of REAL wood cabinets/doors, real wood for trim, bookshelves etc…and how about using standard size windows and doors….no excuse not to now with the size of the homes.

  8. Hi Mina!

    I don’t think Clayton has released the Gen-Now to the public yet. This one is just a concept home – they only build one or two. I’m sure if they decide to offer it to the public that it will come with a variety of choices and floorplans.

    I think this is a great start to advancing the typical manufactured home designs and I hope they continue trying new things!

    Thanks so much for reading MHL!

  9. I too like this house and am over the age they are catering to but that is OK not offended I like modern style like this is. I even bought a car that was marketed to 20 somethings and I am way over my 20’s LOL!
    They do need to stop putting age on things cause it is more a style/taste thing than an age thing.

  10. Hi Tim! I agree 100%.

    The pre-fab industry is giving the buyers some great designs but they’re too expensive. If we could find a happy medium between pre-fab style and manufactured home price, it would be great!

    Thank you so much for the compliment, I appreciate you reading MHL very much! Hope to hear from you lots more!

  11. I was browsing, a few days ago looking for contemporary single wide
    mobile homes, when I came across your website. I was looking for something different both outside and inside. I thought how hard would it be for a manufacturer to take HALF of a large double wide
    (32×70) put an exterior wall with modern siding. You end up with a modern single sloop roof, like in your article. Add to that, a up graded exterior package and nice contemporary interior, your defiant thinking out of, that stodgy rectangular BOX. This is a product that should be marketed to all age groups. I think allot of
    manufacturers need to get with the program and get Designers working for them. Whether its a first time home for someone or a downsize from a larger home, we want something unique and getting away from the stereotypical mobile home. The cost difference would be minimal to do some of this design work and upgrades. I do love your website, it has so much COOL information in all different directions, from old and retro, to new. So keep up the GREAT WORK. I’m 58

  12. Hi Linda!

    It is a gorgeous home and that layout is great! If I could buy it today, it would be on the top of my list.

    Unfortunately, I never could find a square footage figure for the home. I guess cause it’s just a concept home? Sorry about that!

  13. I, too, think that this home should not be marketed to just the younger generation because my husband and I think that it would be a great home for those of us who will be retiring soon and want to downsize and de-clutter our lives. We are in our 60’s and we really like this home and think that we would be happy living in this style and size home. We would like to know the square footage of this home. Thanks!

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