Double Wides

Double wide mobile homes, or multi-sectional manufactured homes, are engineering wonders!

The most popular widths are 24-foot, 26-foot, and 28-foot wide. Most double wides will have widths that are even numbers since builders marry two sections together. Popular lengths are 56-foot, 60-foot, and 70-foot.

In 2018, double wides were averaging around 2600 square feet.

You can expect to pay around $50-60 per square foot for a new double wide manufactured home. Compared to the average $107 per square foot for a site-built home and you’ll see why these homes are so awesome.

You can find a beautiful new 1000 square foot double wide manufactured home for around $50,000. Double wides make beautiful homes. Below, you’ll find hundreds of double wides that have been remodeled, repaired, and decorated in every style imaginable: farmhouse, cottage chic, eclectic, and mid-century mod.

Rustic Americana Mobile Home

Before and After Makeovers of Mobile and Manufactured Homes Double Wides Mobile Home Decorating Mobile Home Tours February 27, 2012 11 Comments

There’s certain homes that just make you feel at home; Americana, rustic, country and primitive do it for me. You just want to sit back, lounge around and take it all in (or maybe I just like looking at things in other people’ homes, nosey me). I’m happy to show you this manufactured home whose homeowner has really made her…

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A Spectacular Double Wide Manufactured Home Makeover

Double Wides Mobile Home Decorating Mobile Home Tours January 26, 2012 19 Comments

Teresa is the publisher of the blog Magazine Your Home and a fairly new mobile home owner from Alabama. She has been busy doing a spectacular double wide manufactured home makeover with her knowledge and talent of crafting, updating and decorating. Her remodels, updates and decorating talents will surely inspire you. Magazine Your Home is a wealth of great topics…

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Primitive Kitchen Decor in Manufactured Home

Double Wides Mobile Home Tours October 10, 2011 8 Comments

Looking for primitive kitchen decor ideas for a manufactured home? There are several kinds of decor that fit under the primitive decor theme: classic country, primitive, and Americana are just a few. Learn more about primitive country decor with our Ultimate Guide to Primitive Country Decor, including more than 50 DIY craft tutorials! The primitive decor has been a popular style for decades,…

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Inspiring Before and After Pics of an Interior Designer’s Manufactured Home Remodel

Double Wides Before and After Makeovers of Mobile and Manufactured Homes Mobile Home Decorating Mobile Home Tours September 26, 2011 7 Comments

It’s not every day we get to see an interior designer’s manufactured home remodel. Nor do we get to see the before and after images of a manufactured home renovation. We get both today! Charmaine Manley is a licensed interior designer in Oregon and owns Charmaine Manley Design, a successful design boutique. In 2007, Charmaine and her family bought five…

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