Double Wides

Double wide mobile homes, or multi-sectional manufactured homes, are engineering wonders!

The most popular widths are 24-foot, 26-foot, and 28-foot wide. Most double wides will have widths that are even numbers since builders marry two sections together. Popular lengths are 56-foot, 60-foot, and 70-foot.

In 2018, double wides were averaging around 2600 square feet.

You can expect to pay around $50-60 per square foot for a new double wide manufactured home. Compared to the average $107 per square foot for a site-built home and you’ll see why these homes are so awesome.

You can find a beautiful new 1000 square foot double wide manufactured home for around $50,000. Double wides make beautiful homes. Below, you’ll find hundreds of double wides that have been remodeled, repaired, and decorated in every style imaginable: farmhouse, cottage chic, eclectic, and mid-century mod.

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