A mobile home’s closets leave a lot to be desired. Most are too small and have too many shelves (or not enough) for it to be truly functional. That’s why we are always looking for mobile home closet ideas to make the most of that space.

In today’s post, we get to show you what one inventive reader of Mobile and Manufactured Home Living did to give her closet a whole new look and feel. 

mobile home closet ideas-closet
Duct Tape Closet Update
By Rosalyn Harwood 


Updating Mobile Home Closets

One of the best perks about updating closets is that they are small, so it doesn’t take much time. A small closet would be the perfect place to start your remodeling, you can master your paint techniques, practice on positioning wallpaper or use a product not normally associated with wall covering, like duct tape. Yes, duct tape!

Rosalyn Harwood, a beloved Mobile Home Living reader and subscriber, has sent us her wonderful closet conversion using duct tape. I would have never thought to use duct tape as a wall accent but her pictures prove it can be done and the results are amazing. Here’s what she said about it: the closet had too many shelves in it to be functional for her, she needed less, so she removed the oversized screws and took out the shelves. Unfortunately, the screws had left the wall with large holes.

As most know, the walls in some mobile homes are made of a gypsum, paper mache’ type material and anything will scar them, especially a large screw. Her solution was to use duct tape as a wall covering and design element. She alternated black and white and made stripes.

Here’s the finished look:

mobile home closet ideas-finished closet
Duct Tape Closet Update
by Rosalyn Harwood

I love everything about this update! The fact that Rosalyn used duct tape to cover the holes is ingenious and truly thinking out of the box. This should prove that anything is possible with the right attitude and a bit of forethought. She even used duct tape on the table and that’s a great trick in itself.

Thank you, Rosalyn, for submitting these. I’m still awestruck and I’ve been looking at them all day!

This post was made possible because a reader sent in her update and remodeling photos. If you would like to have your photos on Mobile Home Living all you have to send them to me and I will have them up in a couple days. You can email me at [email protected]

Thank you for reading Mobile and Manufactured Home Living!

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