Teresa’s Spectacular Double Wide Kitchen Makeover

beautiful farmhouse double wide kitchen makeover

The very talented Teresa, from the blog Magazine Your Home, graciously shared her entire manufactured home’s transition with us a few months ago. Today, she shares her double wide kitchen makeover! ‘Organic farmhouse’ is a good description of Teresa’s favorite style and decor. It really isn’t an easy feat to make a modern manufactured home … Read more

The Starfish Park Model Single Wide

Starfirsh Park Model 1

Home like this Park model single wide are some of my favorite manufactured homes. Their layouts are usually excellent. The designers think of proper solutions for everyday issues that arise in small homes. Maximizing the space and manipulating the layout so that the home flows well is always a high priority. This home is a … Read more

The Retro Retreat: Jeni’s Interview

Jenis Retro Retreat Exterior

Jeni Gray’s Retro Retreat. Yesterday we introduced you to Jeni Gray, her blog and her home. She is the writer and publisher of the blog “Huckleberry Hollow” and owner of a lovely mobile home. Her way of life is simple and environmentally friendly. She is wise in the ways of the self sufficient and her … Read more

A Refreshing Single Wide Mobile Home Makeover aka The Retro Retreat

Retro Retreat Exterior After

Miss Jeni Gray is a woman of many talents and hobbies with a remarkable mobile home. She actively pursues photography, crafting, poetry, blogging and on top of all that she is a complete do-it-yourself enthusiast. She has produced books of her beautiful poetry. Her homestead is a Certified Backyard Wildlife Sanctuary, recording sightings of birds … Read more

Inspiring Illustrator’s Single Wide Mobile Home Makeover

Illustrators Bedroom

This mobile home makeover is the bees knees! All works of art and photos are the property of Becky Schultea. I have recently been introduced to a real-life illustrator with so much talent that it’s almost indescribable really, and the cherry on top is SHE LIVES IN A SINGLE WIDE  HOME too! She also likes … Read more

Smokey Mountain Double Wide

Noelle Moser Chickens

The idea of a “home” makes people see different visions prancing in their heads. Some have modern, sleek, retro, rustic, country and city. Mine is a twisted version of them all. Noelle Moser and her family live in the foothills of the Smokey Mountains in East Tennessee and this is her Smokey Mountains double wide. … Read more

Amazing Mobile Home Part 2: Kristy’s Interview

Amazing Mobile Home Bedroom

Our last post Amazing Mobile Home was a huge hit! Everyone loved the beautifully classy and shabby chic decor and couldn’t believe it was actually a mobile home. Since looking at photos doesn’t always tell the entire story I asked the featured homeowners to answer a few questions. Kristy, from the delightful blog “4 the … Read more