HinderRust Review and Giveaway

 I was recently offered the opportunity to do a HinderRust  review. It’s a universal lubricant, rust blocker and water repellant. It happens to be made by the same man that invented the world’s most efficient lubricant, Tufoil, awarded by the Guinness Book of World Records in 1996. It’s also made in the good ole’ USA!

Wondering what HinderRust and mobile homes have in common? 
Let me tell you: everything in and around your home that is made of metal can rust, anywhere there are 2 objects moving against each other will eventually stick and water can damage anything in its path. On an older mobile home the screws that hold your siding rusts (mine did and it looked awful). Your door frames get jammed. You drawers get stuck. Your window cranks will stop cranking. I could go on an on…..
Your chassis already has rust prevention sprayed on but the older, more vintage homes and campers may need a little more protection.
When I received the 4 oz bottle, I immediately applied it to every door hinge in our home. I applied it to the hand cranks of the old windows. I even used it on the stove top, it’s stainless steel but my range is original so a small patch had been dented and was rusting terribly. It looks great now!
I also happen to be a bit of tom boy and gear head. I love cars, especially fast ones! I was raised by a single father and it was an every weekend thing for me to be under the hood working on a project car. I can replace practically anything on a car by myself (minus the big stuff like timing belts/chains, transmissions, heads, etc). I was excited to get HinderRust on our ole truck. She’s 23 years old and we have had to weld the frame in spots due to rust (because who ever had her before us certainly didn’t do any rust prevention!) I applied it to everything I could easily reach; break lines, the new exhaust pipe, the fittings and connections, everything within sight that has or could rust. The ole saying “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is what I thought while I was doing it, too.
There’s no vile smell and the best part is it’s completely environmentally friendly.  No solvents, propellants, CFC’s or VOC’s.
Essentially, it is a great product to have around the house. You can use it on dang near anything and it will work to stop rust, lubricate and repel water. That’s a pretty good combination!
I also love that it is an American made business. 
They are a dying breed and we really need to support them all.
Now for the fun part, HinderRust wants to give one Mobile Home Living reader a free bottle of HinderRust!
Do you have a problem that HinderRust would help? 
  Do you have rusting screws on your siding? Stuck windows? Doors that jam?
Tell us in the comments below, we will give a 4 oz. bottle to the person that needs it the most!
We will accept comments for 72 hours and will announce the winner Friday evening. A 4 oz. bottle of HinderRust will certainly come in handy!
  1. Beverlee Kasdorf says

    I am very eager to try this product for the underbody of my car. Please submit this entry, and maybe I will win the free bottle! Thanks, thanks, thanks very much!!

  2. chiara says

    i'd use it in our doors, there are a lot screeching sounds everytime it would open!

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