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  1. Chuck, your makeover looks beautiful! It’s encouraging to see, since we just bought a “vintage” aka “old” double wide in Florida also and plan to renovate. We’ve always renovated our homes from drab to fab, and I expect the same with the mobile home! I’m sure it will be more challenging, but thanks to seeing yours, I have greater vision!

  2. Chuck,
    Wow, that looks fantastic! I am just amazed at the before and after pictures. Your before picture reminds me of what mine and a lot of the other homes where I live look like and to see such a beautiful kitchen come out of it is remarkable. Love the granite also good pick!

    1. I appreciate your kind words !! Your neighbors sound like our community – all placed here in the mid- 1980’s most from the same manufacture – so many of our friends have the same kitchen layout at when I started our renovation.

      I am happy that my wife took so many pictures of this project because I forget what it started looking like – until I visit a friend’s home. I learned many things during this project and few of them saved me money. Because it took 6 months from start to finish ( many factors lengthen the time ) we had time to shop around and look for the best price and bargains.

      We could have never could have afforded the granite if we did not shop around. The granite guy called after we first stopped in and told us that he had 2 slabs the he order for a client and they cancelled. He wanted to unload it so he made us a GREAT offer. The trick is to shop around.

  3. Hi Crystal, love reading all your articles , so much info and ideas! Lisa @ Sweet Tea N’ Salty Air

  4. Chuck,

    Thanks for sharing your amazing makeover! It’s just beautiful! I wish you could help me with my home in NJ. I need help from someone who knows what they’re doing. I hope that you and your family enjoy your home for many years to come.


    1. Thank you for your kind words about my kitchen. If NJ was not so far away I would consider helping you at your place. Almost all of the work on the renovation was fun and I enjoyed the entire experience. This is our retirement home and my wife is already planning every special meal and celebration to revolve around eating at the new island.

    1. Those are very nice words from you. WOW, that is what my wife still tells me about the project every time she cooks a meal. Is still say – I can not believe I did it all myself.