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Over 20 million Americans live in a mobile or manufactured home! Yet, there are only a handful of online resources that provide honest and helpful mobile home repair advice.

For information to repair and improve the interior of your mobile home we have articles on how to paint the vinyl wallboards and remove the battens, removing walls, how to diagnose and repair plumbing ventilation issues, and how to repair and paint kitchen cabinets plus hundreds more.

Repairing the exterior of your mobile home?  Some of our most popular articles are how to find roof leaks, installing new insulation, designing self-supporting roof-overs, building additions, and choosing the best siding and skirting.

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Air Conditioner Maintenance

It’s getting hot! For many of us, an air conditioner is our greatest weapon against the heat. Make sure your air conditioner stays in tip-top shape with these great tips for air conditioner maintenance. How to Clean and Maintain your Air Conditioner Maintaining your…

shutters for mobile home storm safety

Shutters for Mobile Home Storm Safety

Mobile Home Storm Safety Mobile home living on the coast can cause apprehension and fear. Especially, as hurricane season poses threats of severe damage to homes. For higher category storms, depending on how far from the coast your home is,…