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Mobile Home Repair

Over 20 million Americans live in a mobile or manufactured home! Yet, there are only a handful of online resources that provide honest and helpful mobile home repair advice.

For information to repair and improve the interior of your mobile home we have articles on how to paint the vinyl wallboards and remove the battens, removing walls, how to diagnose and repair plumbing ventilation issues, and how to repair and paint kitchen cabinets plus hundreds more.

Repairing the exterior of your mobile home?  Some of our most popular articles are how to find roof leaks, installing new insulation, designing self-supporting roof-overs, building additions, and choosing the best siding and skirting.

Simple Fixes for Common Appliance Problems

Appliances intimidate people but they shouldn't. You don't have to call a professional for every little issue that comes up. Some repairs are a lot easier to fix than you may think. Here's a great feature from Family Handyman that shows a few quick fixes. Hope this saves you lots of money! Fix A Burner Prong on an Electric Range Burner prong…

The Mobile Home Skirting Guide

In this mobile home skirting guide we will cover skirting materials, costs, ventilation requirements, installation, and lots more. New skirting can completely change the look of a mobile home. It’s almost like a whole new home! But skirting is far more functional than decorative. It acts as a strong barrier, protecting your home from the

How to Paint Vinyl Walls and Remove Battens in Mobile Homes

Updating vinyl walls in mobile homes is one of the quickest and easiest updates you can do. We can completely change the entire look of a room with a single paintbrush! Unfortunately, painting vinyl walls in mobile homes are time-consuming (especially the cleaning part). Older manufactured homes usually have a faux wood paneling or

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