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Mobile Home Living strives to be a positive voice, a helpful resource, and a strong advocate for the millions of people living in manufactured homes.  

Our mission is to be the leading resource dedicated to mobile and manufactured homes. We strive to provide great inspiration, information, and ideas for all manufactured home projects, with topics such as buying and selling, remodeling, improvement and repair, makeovers, and vintage mobile homes.

We also hope to educate those that are unfamiliar with manufactured homes or may have an outdated or negative opinion of the homes. With education we can help put an end to the negative stereotyping and name-calling that is often associated with factory-built housing.



We have been mentioned on a few popular websites! published an article about mobile home makeovers where they mentioned Mobile Home Living! 

The article states:

“Crystal Adkins, editor at Mobile Home Living, covers lots of DIY mobile home remodeling projects on her site. She often concludes that had she not told her readers that these are manufactured homes, they never would have known. Is she right? Take a look at a few choice mobile home makeovers and judge for yourself.”

bob villa


That article was picked up by Yahoo! Canada’s Homepage, Yahoo! US Homepage, and Yahoo! Homes.

We’ve also had featured homes shown on Tiny House Listings and other popular websites.


Curbed, a popular home design site with 13 million readers each month, published a long-form article written by Sarah Baird all about mobile homes. It’s aptly titled Mobile Homeland.

Sarah interviewed me and used a few quotes in the article about my opinion with the usage of  ‘mobile homes’ instead of the more opulent title of manufactured homes. She also quoted me about the DIY movement.

“My issue with all this name changing is simple: You cannot change how people talk and you cannot change a product’s reputation by calling it a different name. I’ve called these awesome adobes ‘mobile homes’ my entire life and I’m not stopping now,” writes Crystal Adkins, the blogger behind Mobile Home Living. “The industry needs to focus on improving themselves and offering the best product at the best price possible and stop worrying about a term used by the people living in them or buying them. We only want to enjoy our homes.”

Baird also quoted me about the DIY and debt-free lifestyle that mobile home living can give.

But the most interesting group redefining what mobile-home design looks like today are the amateurs. These manufactured- (or mobile-) homeowners are passionate about making unique DIY upgrades and—armed with page after page of Pinterest hacks and a lot of elbow grease—have demonstrated just how malleable the homes can be once they roll off the factory line.

West Virginia native Crystal Adkins has been spearheading the community’s DIY movement for almost a decade with her blog, Mobile Home Living.

“When we bought our mobile home [a 1978 model], my husband got a computer for me around the same time, and I’d never had one before,” Adkins explains. “I definitely didn’t know anything about starting a blog, but I knew that I had a lot of questions about how to change and repair things in my home, like plumbing, and the resources just weren’t out there. I figured if I had questions, other people did, too. I decided to write about it.”

And the questions poured in. Fifteen thousand Facebook fans later, Mobile Home Living has become the leading online resource for all things manufactured housing, covering how to upgrade vinyl walls, make low ceilings seem higher, and build external additions on a budget. There’s also a slew of home tours, a section for buying and selling, and plenty of manufactured-home-related inspirational quotes. “I would rather sit on a pumpkin all to myself than be crowded on a velvet cushion,” one image reads, and “It’s OK to live a life others don’t understand,” proclaims another, with a stylized photo of a traditional-looking mobile home in the background.

“Now, the cool thing is to be debt-free,” said Adkins. “I think that manufactured homes really play into that, and will only get more popular because you can do so much with them.”

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