Mobile Home Gets Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen Makeover

This single wide mobile home received an awesome rustic farmhouse kitchen makeover! Country chic, aka primitive or rustic farmhouse, is a popular home decorating trend.

The owner of this single wide mobile home shares how he achieved his beautiful new rustic farmhouse kitchen using recycled wood and lots of creativity.

Issaac Rickenberg of  Yoder, IN loves all things rustic. His bio describes how he loves to find new purposes for old things.

 “I believe that rust is a beautiful thing and old wood is gorgeous! I especially love to repurpose old furniture and wood; especially those with a story and history behind it.”

Isaac has shared a few of his projects on but his affordable rustic farmhouse kitchen makeover is amazing!

Before the Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen Makeover

Isaac had wanted to give his single wide’s kitchen a makeover from the moment he moved in. He joked that the cabinet pulls in the middle of the doors drove him nuts from the beginning.

Isaac’s single wide had a built-in hutch that separated the kitchen and the living room. These built-ins have always been a popular feature in mobile homes but they tend to become outdated in just a few short years. Home decor style is always changing!

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farmhouse kitchen makeover-before

farmhouse kitchen makeover-before-with-built-ins

The first thing Isaac did was remove the built-in hutch. This opened the space up and allowed more light to bounce around both the living room and kitchen. You can never have too much light!

Here’s the kitchen after the built-in hutch was removed:

farmhouse kitchen makeover-after-builts-were-removed

Creating the Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen Makeover

Once the hutch was removed Isaac painted the longest wall in the kitchen Blue Fjord by Olympic Paint. The end wall with the bay window was painted Burgundy Wine Red, also by Olympic Paints. 

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farmhouse kitchen makeover-painted-walls

farmhouse kitchen makeover-painting-the-cabinets-antique-white

Isaac was budget conscience during his farmhouse kitchen makeover. He found 4 gallons of Valspar paint + primer at an outlet store for around $13 a gallon. He then took the paint to Lowe’s and had them tint the paint to an antique white for free.

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Isaac then removed all the cabinet doors and then removed the center pulls from each door and drawer. He filled in the holes with wood filler and painted both the cabinet and the cabinets doors in the Antique White Valspar paint and primer.

farmhouse kitchen makeover-painting-upper-cabinet-interiors

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To give the kitchen a little more color, Isaac painted the insides of the top cabinets in the Burgundy Wine paint he had used on the end wall.

Awesome Affordable Rustic Back Splash 

Any great rustic farmhouse kitchen makeover has to include a backsplash. Isaac decided to use old cedar fence panels that he had found at a garage sale.

farmhouse kitchen makeover-old-barn-wood-used-as-back-splash

He installed the cleaned and sanded boards in a staggered pattern to create a gorgeous rustic backsplash. Each board was attached to the wall with Liquid Nail adhesive. He used the original nails from the salvaged boards to make it appear that each board was nailed to the wall.

The small details really pull a space together!

farmhouse kitchen makeover-old-barn-wood-back-splash

Creative Chicken Wire Cabinets

You don’t see chicken wire used in a kitchen every day. Isaac’s idea to use chicken wire inserts in the top cabinets is a great way to give your old cabinets a whole new look at an affordable price.

farmhouse kitchen makeover-chicken-wire-used-as-inserts-in-cabinet-doors

All Isaac had to do to remove the center panels in the cabinet doors was knock them out with a hammer. He commented that it was an easy project but it made a huge mess since mobile home cabinetry is typically made of particle board.

Then the cabinet doors were painted with two light coats of the antique white paint and primer, making sure to leave brush strokes.

He then cleaned up some chicken wire and attached it to the cabinet doors with staples. The finished look is amazing!

farmhouse kitchen makeover-cabinets-with-chicken-wire-finished

I love the way these doors turned out!

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Old Barn Ladder Light

Isaac turned an old barn ladder into a custom light to hang above his kitchen table. His creativity knows no bounds!

farmhouse kitchen makeover-old-barn-ladder-find

A short barn loft ladder find on Craigslist was perfect for Isaac’s new kitchen. He found some old rusty chains to hang the ladder from the ceiling. A single light bulb is stationed in a clear Mason jar in the center of the ladder. Mason jars painted white hang from the ladder to create even more visual appeal. You can read all of Isaac’s directions for creating the chandelier here.

farmhouse kitchen makeover-barn-loft-ladder-chandelier-project

The finished chandelier is a great feature to the rustic farmhouse kitchen!


Isaac sells a lot of his original primitive and rustic creations. You can follow him and see his latest projects at his ImPerfect Primitives Facebook Page.

farmhouse kitchen makeover-completed-kitchen

Isaac completely changed his kitchen with paint, old barn wood, and chicken wire! It’s an amazing mobile home kitchen transformation!  Of course, Isaac’s home is amazing inside and out – here’s a peek of his exterior, complete with rustic shutters. You can learn more about his cedar fencing shutter project here.

farmhouse kitchen makeover-exterior-of-mobile-home

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