Introducing The Mobile Home Living Magazine

The first printed magazine for mobile homeowners in over 40 years will be going to print in a few weeks!

I can’t help but wonder why mobile and manufactured homeowners haven’t haven’t had a printed magazine in over 4 decades (as best I can tell).

There’s a printed magazine for rock climbers and one for model train collectors and I seriously doubt there are 20 million rock climbers in America!

Introducing the mobile home living magazine

The new magazine is best described as the Better Homes & Gardens for mobile and manufactured homeowners.

Articles slated for the first issue:

  • Single Wide Style Guide
  • Complete Interior Painting Guide
  • Top Complaints from New Manufactured Homes
  • How-to Macrame
  • 100 Years of Mobile Homes
  • 3 Featured Homes with Homeowner Interviews!
  • Tons of Tips and Advice
  • Vintage Mobile House Quiz
  • Feng Shui for Mobile Homes
  • Mobile Home Park Investors: Villain or Unjustly Vilified?

I know $35 is a LOT of money for 4 printed quarterly magazines from a little blog ran by 1 person and a part-time editor so all subscriptions include 4 bonuses (described below).

Knot your typical mobile home decor

How-to Macrame

Learn how to macrame with a step-by-step guide and tips from experts.

Mobile home park investors

Investigating Investors

We took a deep dive into the mobile home park investing industry.

Introducing the mobile home living magazine

Single Wide Style Guide

A complete guide for your single wide living room.

Every page of the Mobile Home Living Magazine is informative, inspirational, or educational!

Both subscriptions include 4 free bonuses!

Your annual subscription, whether printed + digital or digital-only, includes a few perks besides getting an awesome printed magazine every quarter.

Introducing the mobile home living magazine

Bonus #1 Free eBook About Vintage Mobile Homes

Kim and I have been working on a book tentatively titled “The ABC Book of Vintage Mobile Homes.’ There’s a cool mobile home for every letter of the alphabet with tons of old ads, brochures, and images.

If you like vintage mobile homes, you’ll like this book. we hope to offer it for sale on Amazon as an ebook and maybe through a print-on-demand service.

All subscribers will receive the free ebook as soon as it’s finished. The approximate value is $7.99.

Introducing the mobile home living magazine

Bonus #2 Premium Plan on Our New Pro Directory

I’ve heard one complaint over and over in the last decade: homeowners can’t find pros that will work on mobile and manufactured homes. so I’m gonna try to fix that with a new website.

The new site will connect homeowners to reputable businesses working on mobile homes. You can find pros in your area and read reviews about them (and write reviews).

It’s almost ready to go live, but it needs a few tweaks. Magazine subscribers will get the premium plan which gives you added features. Non-subscribers will have to pay at least $19.99 a year. The new site is nearly finished. The URL will be (it’s just a blank page for now).

Introducing the mobile home living magazine

Bonus #3 Unlimited Access to Our New Mobile Home Living Resource Center

I’ve collected a lot of complete mobile home magazines from the 1950s and 60s, articles, forms, manuals, and other resources that will help mobile homeowners.

Introducing the mobile home living magazine

Bonus #4 Our New Ebook, “Mobile Home Floors, Walls, and Ceilings Manual

Our new ebook is a complete manual on mobile home floors, walls, and ceilings. Learn how to paint, repair, replace and even remove walls, floors, and ceilings.

Mobile home floors, walls, and ceilings manual ebook cover

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