Mobile Home Remodels

1991 Fleetwood Triple Wide Remodel

Jim and Connie Fickel first became manufactured homeowners in 2010. Before that, they had only lived in site-built homes. And like so many other stories we've shared over the years, the 2008 recession hit the couple hard and forced…

Can You Remove Walls in a Mobile Home?

One of the most popular questions we get in our Facebook group, Mobile Home Living: Remodels and Repairs are about removing walls in mobile homes. Many manufactured homes have half pony walls, weirdly designed built-ins, and oddly…

Americans spend more than $400 BILLION on home improvements and remodels each year.

Kitchen remodels are the most popular home remodel, followed by bathrooms, living rooms, and bedrooms.

Are you ready to remodel your mobile home? You’ve came to the right place – we have featured over 120 great mobile home remodels!  You can look through every one of them and read interviews with the homeowners to get tips for each project.

Kitchen Remodels

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A New Kitchen Doesn't Have to Cost So Much

The Average kitchen remodel: $150 per square foot

You don’t have to spend $150 for each square foot to give your mobile home kitchen a new look.

Just replacing your appliances or the sink can make a huge difference in a home. Every project is an improvement regardless of how much or how little you spend. has a ‘rule’ that your kitchen remodels should cost no less than 5% of your home’s value and no more than 15%. They also say the average kitchen remodel is around $150 per square foot. That’s ridiculous! You can create a beautiful kitchen for far less and our collection of mobile home remodels prove it.

These mobile home kitchen remodels are nothing short of amazing.

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Bathroom Remodels

Mobile home flippers create beautiful farmhouse mobile home- bathroom sink after

Mobile Home Bathroom Remodels

Average Remodel Cost: $10,457

Bathrooms are the second favorite home improvement. Mobile home bathroom remodels often include new subflooring because the original material most factories used was MDF and it acted like a sponge with water. Bowing and soft spots are common in bathrooms with MDF subflooring. It’s always a good idea to replace MDF with real wood.

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Mobile Home Remodeling Tips

Mobile home remodels don’t have to break the bank to be beautiful. You can save a lot of money by doing a lot of the work yourself and following these helpful tips.