Mobile Home Heroes – Neighbor Rescues Children

We want to celebrate the good deeds that people do in and around mobile homes so we have started a series called Mobile Home Heroes.

There’s rarely any good news stories about mobile and manufactured homes. Usually you see articles about fires, burglaries, murders and parks shutting down so when I found this story from 2009 I had to share it. This story was found here.


WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) – A neighbor ran into a burning home in the Candlelight Plaza mobile home park near West Lafayette to rescue a trapped teenager.
The neighborhood children call Donna Hicks “Grandma,” and the neighbors now call her a hero. Hicks said she didn’t think, she just reacted when Rosie McCoy, 8, burst into her home.
“Came over and ran in the house,” said Hicks. “She said ‘Grandma, Grandma, the house is on fire.’ I came flying out the door.”
Rosie’s two older sisters, Ashley, 10, and Skylar, 16, were still inside the burning mobile home.
“The back half of the house where the children were was really burning, burning pretty good when I came in,” said Hicks.
Ashley, the middle sibling, came to Hicks immediately and said the fire trapped big sister Skylar in a back bathroom. So Hicks called to Skylar.
“I said get over here to Grandma, so she came over there to me.”
But the flames burned Skylar as she escaped.
“When I saw her, she was burnt, so I took her over to my trailer and cooled her off until the ambulance came,” Hicks explained.
Grandma said she’s relieved Skylar is alive and listened to her when she called.
“She just listens to Grandma,” said Hicks. “You may not listen to anyone else, but you always listen to Grandma. Grandma can get you to do anything.”
Firefighters are investigating the cause of the flames. Grandma said she doesn’t know what started the fire, but she knows she was there when it happened for a reason.
“I’m just thankful the children are OK,” she said. “It (the mobile home) can be replaced, the children can’t be. Thank God I was there to protect them.”
Paramedics took Skylar to the hospital for treatment. Hicks said that the girls’ parents were at a parent-teacher conference when the fire started.

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