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How to Paint Vinyl Walls in a Mobile Home (and Remove the Battens)

Painting vinyl walls in a mobile home is time-consuming and frustrating because of the shiny surface and those blasted battens covering the seams. Older mobile homes usually have faux wood paneling, so they aren’t as frustrating to paint. But manufactured homes built after the early eighties tend to have walls made from panels of pressed gypsum

These 5 1970s Mobile Homes Were For Sale in October

There is just something special about1 1970s mobile homes. Maybe it’s the curved kitchens that were so popular during that time or the built-ins that seemed to be in every home, all we know is that they have stood the test of time. This month we are sharing 5 70s mobile homes that we found

Renovated Manufactured Home Is A Luxurious Showstopper

The renovated manufactured home that we are sharing today is located in the luxurious mobile home community, The Point Dune Club in Malibu. Owned by actor David Arquette, the home was completely gutted in 2012 and sold in 2017 for a whopping $1,475,000. Over the years we have shared many remodeled homes owned by the

4 Mobile Home Kitchen Remodeling Ideas You Will Love

Kitchen remodeling is one of our most searched topics at Mobile Home Living. It is also one of the hottest topics on our Facebook Group page, Mobile Home Living: Remodels and Repairs. It’s no surprise considering how much time we spend in the kitchen that we would want to make that space inviting and homey.

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Gorgeous $45,000 Manufactured Home Renovation

New SUVs are going for over $50,000 these days but you can buy an older mobile home and remodel it into a beautiful home for that amount.  Heather and her husband completed this $45,000 manufactured home renovation in a matter of months. You’re gonna love it! The creative couple purchased a 1979 double wide in

5 1960s Mobile Homes For Sale this Fall

There’s just something about older mobile homes that make them special. Maybe it’s just the fact that they have survived after all this time and are still providing a great home to a family. That’s why this month we are sharing 5 1960s mobile homes for sale that we found on Realtor.com. Keep in mind,

10 Awesome Mobile Home Remodels on Instagram

I love seeing all the beautiful mobile and manufactured homes on social media. These 10 mobile home remodels on Instagram prove to the world that mobile homes have unlimited potential. All images courtesy of the respective Instagram accounts. Abbotts_Tin_Can_Cottage Angie and her husband are happily remodeling a 1979 single wide that they have lovingly named

Eclectic Farmhouse Double Wide Mobile Home Kitchen Remodel After

Quick Tips to Remodel a Mobile Home on a Budget

The trick to remodeling a mobile home on a budget is balance. You need to know where to splurge and where you can cut corners without losing quality (paint is definitely in the splurge column). Over the years we’ve done over 100 homeowner interviews and have learned a ton of great tips and tricks for

4 Fantastic Tiny Homes For Sale in August

This month we are turning our attention to tiny homes for sale. Whether they are the original tiny homes built in the 60s or the newer tiny homes that have taken over the tiny home movement, these 4 homes from realtor.com are something special and show just how awesome it can be to downsize. Keep

These 3 Massive Manufactured Homes Are Family Ready

There are so many choices when it comes to mobile home designs these days. From tiny homes to massive manufactured homes, there is something out there to meet just about any family’s needs. Today we are exploring 3 larger designs that are perfect for bigger families. Related: How to Find the Best Manufactured Home Floor

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Planning a Stress-Free Home Remodel

Don’t let those glossy home magazine photos fool you, home remodeling can be stressful! But there are ways plan a stress-free home remodel. Long-term home remodeling projects are life-altering and can lead to an enormous amount of stress. Your home, that wonderful space that’s all your own, is turned upside down. Materials are in the way, the home gets