remodeling the master bath-vanity after

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  1. I’ve been remodeling my master bath as well. I replaced the huge mirror over the double vanity with single framed mirrors, and replaced the plastic sinks with ceramic and oil rubbed bronze faucets. I also have a garden tub that I want to tear out, I’ve used it 3 times in the 13 years I’ve had the house. I want to put in a full length shower and put a linen closet where the shower stall is. The vanity is the standard site built cheap one, so eventually that will be replaced as well. Keep sharing ideas, I love them!

  2. What happened to the garden tub? Did they take it out? I took mine out to make more room for a dresser; I don’t have room for dressers. I plugged up pipes. I never will take a tub bath? Interested in knowing how many people really keep them. I am going to remodel this coming spring and looking for tips.

    1. Hi Linda,

      They kept the tub, I think. They just updated the counters and such. I have a love/hate attitude about garden tubs. If there is enough room and it’s not too big I love them – a good soak every now and then is great. But if the bathroom is smaller and the tub is taking up most of the space, I’ll want to remove it. Be sure to take photos of your remodel – I have a tough time finding photos!


    2. I would never get rid of my garden tub! I love soaking in the bath and my bathroom is really big. My tub is yellow but it’s one of my favorite colors. I did have to tear out the shower due to leaking. Not sure I’m putting it back in because I redid the 2nd bath shower and made it into a 2 person shower. I could actually use the old shower enclosure for more closet space.