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10 Great Landscaping Ideas for Mobile Homes

Great Landscaping ideas for mobile homes can help improve the curb appeal of your property and increase the value of the home. Having a luscious green lawn has been a sign of wealth for centuries. Back when we grew all our own food, the people that didn’t have to use 100% of their land for

Buccaneer Double Wide Remodel Dining Room Farmhouse Decor

Picking Up the Pieces After Hurricane Michael: 1999 Buccaneer Double Wide Remodel

Stephen and Michelle Deal had just finished remodeling their 1999 Buccaneer double wide in Panama City, Florida when Hurricane Michael made landfall in October 2018. Hurricane Michael was so powerful it broke several records. It was the first Category 5 hurricane to hit the US since 1992 and the third-most intense Atlantic hurricane to make landfall in over 100 years

Cedar Siding

Cedar Siding on Mobile Homes: Richard and Marie’s Whim

  Cedar siding on mobile homes is rare but it shouldn’t be! It takes guts to be different but luckily there are unique people that do unique things every day. Those people need to be celebrated. In this post, we meet a couple that wasn’t afraid to try something new and the outcome is beautiful

Dining Room Decor

1977 Double Wide Remodel with Fabulous Minimal Farmhouse Style

The modern farmhouse style has taken the country by storm and it’s always fun to see how homeowners give the style their own unique look. We found this 1977 double wide remodel for sale in California and it is a perfect example of the modern farmhouse style. This 3 bedroom, 2 bath double wide manufactured

Advice for New Manufactured Home Buyers - Magnolia Manufactured Homes

Our Best Advice for New Manufactured Home Buyers

Buying a new manufactured home is no walk in the park. I wish I could say it’s a lot like buying a site-built home but it’s not. In fact, it’s completely different from buying a new site-built home because the majority of the protections that site-built homebuyers have simply aren’t there for new manufactured home

1954 Pacemaker Trii-level Mobile Home Remodel - after paint

1954 Pacemaker Tri-Level Mobile Home Remodel

This Pacemaker Tri-Level Mobile Home remodel is a perfect example of using a vintage mobile home as a base for small living. The condition of this 60-year-old home proves that American pride and workmanship was at its finest in the mid-1950’s when mobile homes were experiencing their Golden Age. Pacemaker Trailer Company Pacemaker Corporation, once

Kaufman And Broad Double Wide Remodel Kitchen After Copy

1985 Kaufman and Broad Double Wide Remodel

This 1985 Kaufman and Broad double wide remodel is a real treat! Usually I write the article but since Katheryn did such a great job of writing the answers to my interview questions I’ll let her tell the story of their remodel.  Name: Arthur and Katheryn Location of home: Plumas County, CA Make and model

14x 70 Mobile Home 2 Bd 1 Bath In Spokane 49k Interior

These 5 Mobile Homes for Sale in Washington are Winners

Technology is awesome. We can jump on a computer, type in a few words, and see some gorgeous mobile homes for sale in any state. Here are our top 5 mobile homes for sale in Washington in the last couple of months. Three of these mobile homes for sale in Washington sold within a week

laundry room makeover ideas - fresh

Laundry Room Makeover Ideas for your Mobile Home

Many of us spend more time than we would like in the laundry room so it makes sense to make that space as beautiful and functional as possible. These laundry room makeover ideas do just that. Manufactured homes typically incorporate the laundry room with the back door. The space can vary in size, some have just

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50 Incredibly Useful Tips about Mobile Homes

If someone is new to Mobile Home Living and has never been around a factory-built home they probably don’t know what they don’t know. While mobile homes are remarkably similar to site-built homes, there are still differences. For example, financing and installation are more complex but the plumbing is more simplified. Every one of these

Repair A Mobile Home Belly Board

How to Repair a Mobile Home Belly Board

If you’ve ever read the government published pamphlets about a mobile home underbelly or how to repair a mobile home belly board you’ll quickly notice that they aren’t particularly worried about cost. Every recommendation usually ends with ‘hire a professional.’ Unfortunately, regular mobile homeowners have budgets and we can’t just call up a pro every time

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Easy Coastal Living in a 1988 Fuqua Double Wide Manufactured Home

Desirée and Todd are the proud owners of this 1988 Fuqua double wide manufactured home in Venice, Florida. Desirée had never been around a mobile home before and admits to having a negative opinion of them. She can remember half-joking with her husband that she would live in a mobile home park if it meant