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Single wide mobile homes are the original tiny home. They are perfect for small families and couples that don’t need a lot of space. You can buy an older single wide mobile home for a couple of thousand dollars and remodel it into a true dream home and the homes below prove it.

Modern Kitchen Remodel In A Single Wide

A Modern Single Wide Remodel

A Modern Single Wide Remodel I wanted to get you inspired for the 3 day weekend! Here’s a great single wide remodel that is very modern, futuristic and contemporary but still has a comfortable atmosphere. The description on Houzz is…

1971 Single Wide Kitchen Remodel

Great 1971 Skyline Kitchen Remodel

Melissa Fowler and Darell Payne have done a tremendous job of completely remodeling the kitchen in their 1971 Skyline single wide. Skylines are known to be high-quality homes. The original goldenrod sink, stove, and oven as well as the countertop…

Bold Single Wide Exterior

Bold Single Wide Makeover

Eclectic Exterior design by Charlotte Artist And Artisan Whimsical, wild, and original are some adjectives you could use to describe this single wide makeover. This single wide is a very soon to be Carolina Beach, NC vacation rental. I…