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Single Wides

Single wide mobile homes are the original tiny home. They are perfect for small families and couples that don’t need a lot of space. You can buy an older single wide mobile home for a couple of thousand dollars and remodel it into a true dream home and the homes below prove it.

Park Model Home Decorating Ideas – Beach Cottage Chic

This park model home turned beach cottage is beautiful! Park model homes are best known for their second story, a design descending from the 2-story mobile homes that became so popular in the 1950s. Learn more about Cavco's Park Model Home. Most park model homes are marketed as temporary or seasonal living structures and are not classified as a…

Sensational Single Wide Bachelor Pad

This single wide is a perfect bachelor pad! Both the interior and exterior of this great single wide has been updated in a modern minimalist style. Living Room The living room is perfectly simple. The owner took advantage of the open floor plan and kept the interior decor simple - letting the home's features take precedence. A large mirror is…

Great Ideas for Remodeling a Mobile Home

Remodeling a mobile home can be difficult, especially if you are on a budget. If your budget is anything like mine, you simply can't afford a complete home remodel all at once. Instead, you do small projects as time and money allow. With each new project, you get a little closer to having your dream home but this process seems to take forever.…

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