25 Awesome Single Wide Mobile Home Living Rooms

Single wide mobile home living rooms are a bit difficult to furnish and decorate. In most models the kitchen, dining room, and living room all share a single space, meaning that single wides had open floor plans before open floor plans became cool.

But an open floor plan isn’t so easy when it comes to placing furniture. So we went on a hunt to see how other single wide homeowners had tackled design in their homes. Let’s just say we hit the jackpot!

Single Wide Floor Plans

In the South, single wide mobile homes usually have living rooms in the middle of the home along with the kitchen and dining space. The master bedroom will be on the ‘back’ end and the kids rooms on the other. It’s a smart layout and gives the family more privacy. It also puts the majority of the home’s weight in the middle of the chassis which reduces stress during transport.

Single wide living rooms are square or rectangular and have 2 or 3 points of entry. All of that traffic flow will make furniture placement challenging.

Consider your Traffic Patterns

Single wides usually have 3 points of access which includes a front door, a hallway, and a kitchen. Since all three points must be easily accessible it drastically limits how we can place furniture. Putting the furniture up against the walls is the most common furniture layout for single wides but as you’ll see below you do have other options.

Establish a Focal Point

Decorating a room and arranging furniture is easier when you establish a focal point first.

The majority of these single wide mobile home living rooms have an obvious focal point. The most popular focal points are bookcases, fireplaces, and accent walls. The most popular wall for the focal point is the shorter wall beside the hallway.

Scale and Balance

Scale and balance are important in home decor and design. .

The scale of a room simply means that the furniture should be the right size for the room and there should be balance . Some designers recommend the rule of 3s and that the majority of your furniture should not be above the bottom third of your wall height.

A balanced room will have the largest pieces of furniture symmetrically placed or opposite each other.

Yes, our furniture placement options are limited but we can still have a gorgeous living room in our mobile homes, The 25 beautiful single wide mobile home living rooms prove it.

Cozy Charm

Jennifer Simmons completely remodeled her 1964 Chateau mobile home last year.

1964-Chateau mobile home-living-room-jennifer-simon-.jpg

Create Conversation Areas

This single wide has an addition built onto it but it’s still a single wide. The owner did a great job creating a little conversation area by placing two chairs in front of the sofa. And those bright red bar stools are perfect!

Single Wide With Addition For Sale In C A

Budget Focal Point

Focal points don’t have to cost a lot. The bookshelves were $29.99 at Big Lots and the fireplace was found on Craigslist (PS this is my little 1978 single wide and where Mobile Home Living® began).


Black Beauty

Many interior designers will tell you that dark colors don’t work for small spaces but that’s not necessarily true. You just need to be careful about how you do it. Learn more about interior design tips for mobile homes here.

The focal point in this room is the black accent wall. The loveseat adds depth and the lamp and plant balance each other perfectly.

single-wide-living-room-with black walls

Charming and Comfortable

This single wide mobile home living room is gorgeous! Painting the window wall white and the other a muted green is a smart way to add color.

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Bright Beauty

This single wide is located in Malibu’s Paradise Cove Mobile Home Park where Minnie Driver and few other movie stars live.

IIt’s simple and yet beautiful.

Interior 1977 Redman Single Wide Mobile Home In Paradise Cove Malibu C A

Cozy Cool

The ceiling in this single wide living room is great! The owner created balance by placing 2 chairs across from the sofa.

Iowa Single Wide Living Room

Cool Canadian

Canada’s single wides are wider than American single wides. The extra space really helps. The focal point here is the TV with the large prints above it. We featured a couple of Canadian manufactured homes here.


Pretty as a Picture

This living room is simple and puts the owners love of photography on full display.

Magic Mirror

Kathy’s 1978 single wide is a beauty inside and out. This is her vacation home that sits beside a beautiful river. I’d call this style ‘classical library.’

Kathy has added plenty of shelving and comfortable seating for those cozy nights by the river.

traditional style living room in a single wide mobile home

Cottage Beauty

I love everything about this home! The two sofas on each wall balance the space perfectly. And there’s no need for a coffee table when you have plenty of end tables. Coffee tables aren’t always required.


Mid-Century Marvelous

The new single wide mobile homes in California are so cool. The accent wall is simple but it works. The accessories really pull this room together.

Retro eclectic mobile-home-living room

Savannah Simplicity

This is a new manufactured home but I’m including for one reason – the wood beams. It can be difficult to give separate space with open-space floor plans but beams can do it.


Cozy Classic

Dianna Woods let me feature her gorgeous 1964 mobile home makeover years ago. She is so creative and clearly has a knack for design. With such a small space (the whole house is less than 700 square feet) she made sure everything was easy to move around and serve two purposes whenever possible.

vintage mobile home living room

1962 Skyline

This mid-century modern style vintage mobile home is so cool! It has an accent wall, clean lines, balance and simple furniture placement.


Clean and Crisp

Annie paid $10,000 for this 1980 Skyline model single wide and spent another $5,000 to remodel it. The original mirrors make the room feel larger and helps bounce light around.

Simple furniture is cozy and clean. Round coffee tables are perfect for small space with the traffic flow going by it.


Simple Mid-Modern

This living room is gorgeous! I think our friend Steven shared it on Facebook page. The fireplace is a great focal point. The furniture placement is perfect since space is at a premium.


Colorful Cottage

All of these single wide mobile home living rooms are great! I especially love this one though. The sectional separates the living room and the kitchen visually but not so much spatially.

traditional living room in manufactured home
Source: Facebook

Eclectic Elegance

I’m a sucker for gallery walls! Carolyn shared her eclectic single wide story with us years ago.


Coastal Cottage

This living room proves you don’t always need a sofa. This space is separated in to a few different areas. The office desk is behind the love seat on the back wall and a conversation set on the left. There’s plenty of room for activities!


French Country Cottage

Felicia created a gorgeous living room in her newer single wide manufactured home. The uses the hallway as the focal point and balances it out with the matching mirrors. She doesn’t have a coffee table so there’s no traffic interference.


Visually Pleasing

Single wide mobile home living rooms are so simple but there are so many different ways to decorate them.

Single wides have open floor plans where the dining room, living room, and kitchen are all one space. Placing the sofa in the middle helps divide the space.

P A Single Wide Mobile Home With Traditional Modern Living Room Decor 1

Modern Cabin

This accent wall is amazing! The wood warms up the cold gray and the bookcase on the left balances out the hallways.

The furniture placement is simple and cozy.


Modern Chic

This 1995 single wide is a beautiful home! They nudged all the furniture on the left of the home to allow for easy entry at the front door. The accent wall has a bench and plenty of storage.


What Living Room?

I wanted to share this Phillips’ gorgeous new single wide because it’s so unique. After they turned a bedroom into a cool media room they decided they would rather have a large kitchen and dining space over a small living room. The area that was intended for a dining table is where the large kitchen island stands.

The living room is now their dining room!


Use Every Inch Possible in Single Wide Mobile Home Living Rooms

Single wide mobile home living rooms can be short on space but that doesn’t mean they can’t be stylish. When space is limited you need every piece in the room to serve more than one purpose.

The best tip anyone can give about mobile home decorating is to do whatever makes you happy! A home should be something you are proud of, regardless of how big it is, how old it is, or how much it cost. 

Thank you for reading Mobile Home Living®!