25 Awesome Single Wide Mobile Home Living Rooms

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  1. Great rooms with stylish personalized elements. I downsized 3 years ago to a 14ft wide and here are my trial and error tips.
    Use black somehow, my picture frames are the same and it balances the TV abyss.
    Furniture with legs let’s the eye get all the way to the wall.
    Don’t block the window and place seating to see out it.
    Lose the chandelier in favour of a flushmount, it limits the placement of the dining table. Try pendants over the peninsula.
    A glass coffee table visually keeps the room open.

  2. Just purchased some property that had a single wide on it as a bonus but it is a total gut job. Been surfing the web for ideas and your site always comes up. So many great ideas! Already started making a storage coffee table. Closing is in 2 weeks! Saving a lot of your photos so I can design the space. Will keep you posted.

  3. finally the example I needed came up at the end! i am moving to a single wide, and wanted some ideas, but i already had this idea in mind: make a dining room out of the living room, and having a large kitchen as well, while relegating all living-room items to the largest bedroom. I am proud now because you said it’s so unique to do something like that lol. would have liked to see more examples of that, plus, a picture showing the actual eating area, would have been nice for that example. almost every single other living space you showed, looked way too cluttered, overdone, and unliveable to me. boring, predictable, and too uncomfortable to have a good time in (except I too enjoy the little roof/eave thing inside that one house!) one of them even had a like 1.5′-wide pathway into the room. even a skinny person won’t want to squeeze through that to get to your couch! it is just too much. I’m on a minimalist kick though. thanks for the article it was fun no matter what!!!

    1. btw I did not mean “YOUR” couch, I meant whoever’s place that was lol :] no misunderstandings I enjoyed your article!

  4. My living room has paneling on 3 walls. I have an scent wall I want to paint but don’t know what color. Would go with my other walls

  5. This truly helped but still unsure about a few things. I just restently moved in my single wide after becoming a widow. None of these looked anything like my new home. But I plan on trying a few suggestions. Thank you

  6. Great article! We just purchased a single wide mfg home in Sturgeon Bay, Wi – we love it but yes very small – uner 400 sq feet. Do you think it would visually make the place smaller if we kept carpeting in bedroom but lvp flooring in the rest of the place ( bath, kitchen and family room)? Or should we do the same flooring throughout the place in order to have the consistency create a larger space visually?

    1. Being that your mfg is 400sq feet and in Sturgeon Bay, keep your bedroom as comfortable and warm as you need it to be. We put vinyl flooring throughout our SW and I put down area rugs in every room, however; I am in the southern part of the U.S. where it does not get as cold as WI. (I lived in WI for 60 years an also had a summer retreat in Sturgeon Bay).

  7. My husband and I purchased a single wide mobile home this year our first together a 1987 a lot of work was needed to be done and so we did. How can I enter some photos of what we’ve done? I love these photos we’re very proud of what we have done together these photos you’ve shown are simply gorgeous what I do I’m very passionate about I would love to show what we’ve done.