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9 Great Mobile Home Bedroom Styles

Having a nice bedroom can help you sleep better. These 9 great mobile home bedroom styles will surely inspire you – from light and airy to rustic country, there’s a style for everyone. Heavier curtains can be replaced with light laces and sheers. Comforters and pillows can go from warm flannel to colorful cotton. More drastic bedroom

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7 Beautiful Mobile Home Bathroom Remodels

Over the last 9 years, finding kitchen and mobile home bathroom remodels has been tough for me. I always try to get a homeowner to answer a couple of questions and then ideas online anywhere but especially mentioned on mainstream media. It’s a bit difficult for me to find mobile home bathroom remodeling photos.  While

Bathroom Remodel: What to Expect From Start to Finish

Bathroom Remodel: From Start to Finish

A bathroom remodel is a top request for homeowners regardless of what type of home they live in. Whether the home is site-built, manufactured, or an apartment, a small water leak in the bathroom can quickly turn into a nightmare. If a bathroom remodel is in your future, this is a great article for you! This is a real life bathroom remodeling

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Extreme Single Wide Home Remodel

This extreme single wide home remodel is fabulous and extreme is definitely the best word to describe this complete home transformation. The owners took an older single wide and completely transformed it into a beautiful dream home that is huge! Here’s the single wide before the total remodel: \ I applaud the owner’s ability to

Frameless Shower

Frameless Shower Screens for Mobile Homes

Welcome to the bathroom revolution, there is a new best way to box your shower and water sources in. They are elegant, hygienic, economical, and easy to clean. The trick to making your bathroom last as long as possible is building it up with really good materials. Glass is such a great, versatile, cheap and

Double Wide Bathroom Remodel

Double Wide Bathroom Remodel

Bathrooms and kitchens are the top 2 rooms that get remodeled and updated most in our homes. Changing styles, new technology and repair issues are the main reasons for most makeovers. However, bathrooms are hard to remodel. They aren’t like bedrooms where you just pick a new paint color and flooring and have a whole

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Beautiful Space Saving Bedroom Ideas

Mobile homes, especially older single wides like mine, are tight on space. You have a choice of being a complete minimalist or having a very organized home in order to make you and your family most comfortable. Finding usable space for storage is often difficult so if you can make a piece of furniture double

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10 Cool Mobile Home Bedrooms for Kids

We’ve shared a ton of mobile home interior ideas over the years but we’ve completely neglected kids bedrooms in mobile homes. These 10 cool mobile home bedrooms for kids changes that. Kids bedrooms can be so much fun to decorate. Decorating nurseries and bedrooms for kids are great way to add color to your home