mobile home improvement projects - new lighting

Mobile Home Improvement Projects You Can Do Yourself

These simple mobile home improvement projects create a huge impact but are easy enough to do yourself. As a mobile homeowner, you always want your house to look its best inside and out. This is why, from time to time, it’s important to take stock of the condition of your mobile home and determine just how you can

Repair A Mobile Home Belly Board

How to Repair a Mobile Home Belly Board

If you’ve ever read the government published pamphlets about a mobile home underbelly or how to repair a mobile home belly board you’ll quickly notice that they aren’t particularly worried about cost. Every recommendation usually ends with ‘hire a professional.’ Unfortunately, regular mobile homeowners have budgets and we can’t just call up a pro every time

Brown And Blue Double Wide In Utah

Colorful Coastal Mobile Home with Flip Flop Shutters (incl. instructions)

Life really is better in flip flops! Meet Ellen and Alex Birdwell and their colorful coastal mobile home. The newly retired couple turned a 1981 Nobility double wide into the ultimate beach house by adding color and whimsy over a foundation of classic coastal design. It’s a unique and fun home that is a perfect

Murphy Bed Mechanism set

Small Mobile Home Guest Room Makeover

Chuck is not a stranger to Mobile Home Living. He’s been kind enough to share his remodeling projects with us over the last few months. First, his jaw-dropping mobile home kitchen upgrade provided inspiration to many of our readers. Next, Chuck wowed us with his mobile home bathroom remodel. This time he is giving us ideas

bus conversions-bed and breakfast interior

7 Bus Conversions That Will Inspire You to Hit the Road

Converted buses are the ultimate DIY mobile home. Taking a bus used to transport people and turning it into a rolling home with all the luxuries of a home is am an amazing feat. Those that have converted a bus into a home should be applauded for their can-do attitude and their ability to transform

mobile home dining room with painted walls wide-dining room with bookcase

This 1974 Mobile Home Makeover Doubled the Home’s Value

Let’s say you’ve just bought an older mobile home and want to update it. What do you focus on first? Where should you spend your money? How do you get the most bang for the buck? This article covers our top mobile home makeover ideas that add value time and again: windows, floors, and paint. This


Complete Pallet Guide (with 80 Unique Pallet Projects)

Pallets and mobile homes have a bit in common. Both have unlimited potential and can be turned into something beautiful. Both were once forgotten but have been enjoying a renewed intrest now that people are recognizing their affordability and usefullness. Unfortunately,I knew nothing about pallets until I started researching for this article. There’s a lot more

Pallet ideas for holidays0000

DIY Pallet Project Ideas For Every Holiday

This collection of DIY pallet project ideas will give you an entire year of holiday decor to brighten up your mobile home! Be sure to visit our Pinterest page for more great ideas on mobile home decor, improvement and crafting ideas! Related: Can’t get enough pallet project ideas? Check out our other articles with more

aged plaster treatment over wood paneling in a mobile home

Wood Paneling Makeover: Aged Plaster Treatment

Pam Willis, Mobile Home Living’s newest contributor, has been busy remodeling her 1975 single wide mobile home in rural Wisconsin. You can see her ceiling fan face lift project here, and her creative tile board back splash makeover here, and her experience with Federal Pacific electric panels. This time she is tackling her wood paneling. There are

flipping a mobile home-exterior after

How to Make Money Flipping A Mobile Home

Flipping a mobile home can be a profitable project. Flipping is the act of buying a property that has seen better days with the sole intention of updating and selling it at a profit. Remember, flipping is a ‘make you or break you’ kind of project and while it can net you a nice little

Affordable DIY Vintage Camper Renovation: Adopting Shana the Shasta

We love to feature vintage camper renovations and we especially love to feature an affordable DIY vintage camper renovation like this 1958 Shasta Airflyte Deluxe camper. Most camper remodels you find online are done by professionals and cost a ton of money. Seeing someone tackle an affordable DIY vintage camper renovation with a realistic budget makes

gorgeous 1991 single wide-entertainment center

Gorgeous Mobile Home Interiors: 1991 Single Wide

We found this gorgeous 1991 single wide on one of our favorite Facebook groups, ran by one of our favorite mobile home experts, Steve Lancaster. We love this home because it proves that mobile home interiors can be gorgeous. This mobile home was listed on Craigslist and located in Charlotte, NC but it needed to be moved. The