35 Tips to Lower Your Mobile Home’s Energy Bill

If I could only give one tip to someone moving into an older mobile home it would be to focus on energy efficiency. Older mobile homes are absolutely terrible when it comes to energy efficiency. There are two reasons older (and even some newer) mobile homes are not energy efficient. First, insulation and other energy


Mobile Home Security

Living in a manufactured home has many great benefits. Yet, like any home, we need to take the steps to secure our home and its belongings. When most people think of security systems they think of a fairly expensive system with monitoring but you don’t have to go through a lot of money to secure

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Mobile Home Door Repairs and Makeover Ideas

One of our previous featured homeowners changed the look of her interior doors and I was inspired to find more mobile home door repairs and makeover ideas. In this article, we cover a few different mobile home door repairs to fix noisy hinges, broken doorknobs, and sticking doors. We also show you how to repair

manufactured home exterior design ideas

10 Great Home Exterior Design Ideas for Double Wides

When it comes to home remodeling most of us don’t have a professional designer helping us through every step. We have to decide on the right materials and colors ourselves. An exterior home makeover or remodel is the most intimidating for me. I can tell you exactly what I want to be changed inside my

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Mobile Home Skylights

Admittedly, I’m not a big fan of mobile home skylights. While they are nice to have, the disadvantages have far outweighed the advantages in my experience. However, I understand that skylights are getting better with modern technology so I’m not ready to write them off completely. In this article, we’ll cover mobile home skylights. We’ll

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New Mobile Home Doors are a Smart Investment

New doors add a lot to any home but they are especially beneficial for a mobile home. Larger, more decorative entry doors have the highest return on investment for any home improvement project. Plus, it makes a mobile home look terrific! The high return on investment paired with improved curb appeal are why A door

manufactured home exterior design ideas

How to Make Your Manufactured Home Look More Like a Site-Built Home

Manufactured homes are affordable and can have all the same great qualities of a site-built home. But let’s be honest, it’s pretty easy to distinguish a standard factory-built home from a site-built home – not that this is a bad thing. However, if you’d like to make your manufactured home look more like a site-built

mobile home doorway awnings

Mobile Home Doorway Awnings: Cooling Your Home in Style

Awnings are becoming a necessity for mobile homes rather than a luxury. Not only do they add some visual interest to your home but they also provide shade for your doorway or entrance. Different installation systems, including braces and roller blinds, make the process of setting up mobile home doorway awnings that much easier. There

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Replacing Mobile Home Windows

Replacing mobile home windows will save on energy costs and give your home a whole new look. If you want to spend your remodeling dollars wisely you cannot go wrong with new windows. You get better heating and cooling control and update the appearance of both your interior and exterior. That’s a decent bang for

mobile home steps

Everything You Need to Know About Mobile Home Steps

Recently, I have received a couple of emails asking about mobile home steps and smaller porches or platforms. While we do have a couple of popular articles titled 45 Great Manufactured Home Porch Designs and 9 Beautiful Manufactured Home Porch Ideas, they  cover larger decks and porches. This article will focus on mobile home steps or stairs with small platforms only.

shutters for mobile home storm safety

Shutters for Mobile Home Storm Safety

Mobile Home Storm Safety Mobile home living on the coast can cause apprehension and fear. Especially, as hurricane season poses threats of severe damage to homes. For higher category storms, depending on how far from the coast your home is, you may have to evacuate and risk for damage may be high for all homes

Cedar Siding And Porch

The Whim; A Single Wide Remodeled with Cedar Shake Siding, Part 2

The Making of “The Whim” What do you call a lovely single wide remodeled with cedar shake siding, a smooth stone foundation and a wrap around deck? “The Whim” of course! The Whim is a gorgeous single wide sitting on the edge of a Wisconsin lake that’s being transformed by a talented DIY couple. We