1978 Mobile Home Remodel 1

This 1978 Mobile Home Remodel is One of Our Favs

This 1978 mobile home remodel is a personal favorite of mine for a few reasons. Of course, it’s a beautiful home and the remodel was well done but there are a couple more things that will keep this home in my top 5 favorite remodels of all time. This was one of the first homes

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Total Mobile Home Transformation

Updated January 22, 2019 Brian and Melissa needed to find their daughter a place to live in her new college town three hours away. Having owned several rental properties over the years they wanted to take advantage of the situation and buy another investment property. Ultimately, they bought a property with a site-built home and

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Gorgeous $45,000 Manufactured Home Renovation

New SUVs are going for over $50,000 these days but you can buy an older mobile home and remodel it into a beautiful home for that amount.  Heather and her husband completed this $45,000 manufactured home renovation in a matter of months. You’re gonna love it! The creative couple purchased a 1979 double wide in

after manufactured home kitchen update on 600 budget (14)

Charissa’s $600 Manufactured Home Kitchen Update

This charming manufactured home kitchen update only cost $600! In the charming town of Westport, Indiana sits a 1996 Dutch double wide with a modern new kitchen. Over the years, the 2011 square foot manufactured home has been getting updates and additions to fit the family’s needs. In 2015, the family thought it was time for a modern kitchen.

1959 Spartan Mansion Remodel

Impressive Vintage Mobile Home Restoration: 1959 Spartan Imperial Mansion

This 1959 Spartan Imperial Mansion is one impressive vintage mobile home restoration! It The Spartan Trailer company focused on high-end luxury models and paid attention to every detail. That’s why there are still so many today – they were built with quality materials and they paid attention to every detail, This vintage mobile home restoration

affordable living room decor makeover 2

Affordable Manufactured Home Living Room Makeover

I’ve been a bit hesitant to share my own affordable living room makeover because it can’t compare to all the beautiful homes that are usually featured here on Mobile Home Living. However, I think the world needs more manufactured home makeover inspiration so that trumps my hesitation. Sharing our home remodels and room makeovers, regardless of price or scale,

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Easy Coastal Living in a 1988 Fuqua Double Wide Manufactured Home

Desirée and Todd are the proud owners of this 1988 Fuqua double wide manufactured home in Venice, Florida. Desirée had never been around a mobile home before and admits to having a negative opinion of them. She can remember half-joking with her husband that she would live in a mobile home park if it meant

Brown And Blue Double Wide In Utah

Colorful Coastal Mobile Home with Flip Flop Shutters (incl. instructions)

Life really is better in flip flops! Meet Ellen and Alex Birdwell and their colorful coastal mobile home. The newly retired couple turned a 1981 Nobility double wide into the ultimate beach house by adding color and whimsy over a foundation of classic coastal design. It’s a unique and fun home that is a perfect

affordable mobile home remodel - 1968 Landola single wide goes Retro (living room after)

$500 Single Wide Goes Retro with Affordable Mobile Home Remodel

Kirk Montgomery usually reads the headlines as a TV anchor. Today, he’s making headlines after paying $500 for a 1968 Landola single wide and transforming it with his own version of an affordable mobile home remodel. The Michigan native recently moved back to his home state to launch and anchor a 4pm newscast and needed to find a new place to live. Being a

ventoura vintage mobile home remodel

1952 Ventoura Mobile Home Remodel

Some people have the coolest stuff! Diane, a writer and blogger at the wonderfully entertaining blog called ‘Tales From a Sears House‘ is one of those people. She has an eye for detail and naturally surrounds herself with unique items.  Diane, and her husband Doug, not only live in a 1939 Sears Kit House but they also own a

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Eclectic Farmhouse Mobile Home Remodel

This eclectic farmhouse mobile home remodel is gorgeous! When Angela Chandler inherited an older double wide mobile home on 7 acres in Knoxville, TN, she had no intention of keeping it. She had no intention of keeping her own home either. Angela’s initial plan was to sell the inherited property along with the small home

mobile home remodels-divine interior after

1974 Double Wide Remodel is Dreamy

Just a few short months after starting Mobile Home Living in 2011, I received a Facebook message from Heidi and Tara asking if I’d be interested in sharing their complete 1974 double wide remodel. Naturally, I wanted to share it – this is a gorgeous mobile home! Unfortunately, in 2012 my writing abilities were even