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One Family’s Affordable RV Renovation

Inspiring remodeling stories are what we live for here at Mobile Home Living. Whether it be a manufactured home that’s transformed or an RV/camper that has been given new life we just can’t seem to get enough. That’s why when we saw this affordable RV renovation from Ashley in California we knew we wanted to

Rustic Americana Mobile Home

Rustic Americana Mobile Home

There’s certain homes that just make you feel at home; Americana, rustic, country and primitive do it for me. You just want to sit back, lounge around and take it all in (or maybe I just like looking at things in other people’ homes, nosey me). I’m happy to show you this manufactured home whose

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How to Make Money Flipping A Mobile Home

Flipping a mobile home can be a profitable project. Flipping is the act of buying a property that has seen better days with the sole intention of updating and selling it at a profit. Remember, flipping is a ‘make you or break you’ kind of project and while it can net you a nice little

Affordable DIY Vintage Camper Renovation: Adopting Shana the Shasta

We love to feature vintage camper renovations and we especially love to feature an affordable DIY vintage camper renovation like this 1958 Shasta Airflyte Deluxe camper. Most camper remodels you find online are done by professionals and cost a ton of money. Seeing someone tackle an affordable DIY vintage camper renovation with a realistic budget makes

double wide manufactured home remodel - formal dining room

Double Wide Manufactured Home Remodel Creates Ultimate Entertaining Space

Disrepair is the best word to describe this property when Richard bought it. The bones were good in the three-bedroom home but it had suffered serious neglect. Repairs had been attempted at one point, though obviously not by a professional. Every room in the home and every structure on the property needed attention. Fortunately, Richard wasn’t

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This Mobile Home Kitchen Renovation will Make you Jealous

I hid in our mobile home’s kitchen cabinets when I was little. I would crawl right on top of the cans and stay until I scared myself thinking that no one would ever find me again or until I finished eating the small can of chocolate pudding (remember those green cans with the pull-back metal

Building a Two-Story Addition onto a Manufactured Home - the single wide with the foundation of the addition

Building a Two-Story Addition onto a Manufactured Home

This single wide didn’t stay single for long. It didn’t stay single story for long, either. See how one tenacious couple created their dream home by building a two-story addition onto a manufactured home. Meet the Arledge’s Jessica and her husband live in Polk County, NC and wanted to live completely debt-free. Their plan was

1985 Palm Harbor Single Wide Makeover - stone wall mural and faux fireplace completed

Cute 1986 Palm Harbor Single Wide Makeover

When Karrel Buckingham recently purchased her new 2 bedrooms and 2 baths she immediately began planning the 1986 Palm Harbor single wide makeover. She was smart with her budget and spent money on materials and products that would create the most impact at the lowest cost. Lot’s of creativity, along with a few tips found


Vintage Farmhouse Decor in a Mobile Home

Vintage farmhouse decor in a mobile home is a popular style but it isn’t always easy to pull it off. It takes a combination of antiques, repurposing, and DIY crafting to create authenticity. Lisa, from Sweet Tea n’ Salty Air, had no problem, though.  She completely transformed her mobile home into a vintage farmhouse work of art.

Beautiful 1995 Double Wide Remodel - exterior after

DeDe’s Beautiful 1995 Double Wide Remodel

Sharing beautiful manufactured homes is our favorite past time here at Mobile Home Living. We want to be a positive online community where we can all be proud of our homes, share inspiration and ideas, and show the world just how beautiful mobile homes can be. DeDe’s 1995 double wide remodel does just that! DeDe

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1979 Single Wide Remodel: Epic WA Family Getaway

Karie’s family farm is an easy four-hour drive from the home she shares with her husband Jim. With picturesque views of rolling hills and beautiful red barns, the relatively short drive offers a completely different landscape from the couple’s daily grind. When the Sherman’s decided to purchase the family farm from her parents, they were excited