The Unforgettable Mobile Home, Part 2

I wrote a bit about this gorgeous double wide in Kentucky back in the fall. I had found it on Country Living’s website. I wasn’t able to find too many photos at that time, I was new to blogging and didn’t know what I was doing ; ). The photos I did show were so inspiring and has been one of our most popular posts.

If you missed it, don’t worry, not only have I found more photos but I also found 3 videos!
Teresa Smith turned her double wide into a gorgeous home and the popularity that she is getting from it is well deserved and such an inspiration for all of us that live in manufactured homes. Her creativity and eye for detail is making heads turn and minds change quickly!
In one of the videos the owner, Teresa Smith, says “ I don’t think a mobile home is any different than a house. I mean these walls are sheetrock. I don’t think there’s any difference at all. There’s not. Just do what you want to do. Feel free. I mean people live in their homes for years and don’t do what they really want to do. They worry about resale value. Well, are you going to live your whole life worrying about that? You’ll never be happy with your home. I mean I have never been happier with the place than I am here. This is my favorite of all. My favorite. The least expensive and my favorite.”  I absolutely agree with her, too! The only difference is that our homes are built in a factory and brought to us. Meaning they are more environmentally friendly and more affordable (and the negative resale value of a mobile home is actually very misunderstood, they do appreciate! I have found some very interesting statistic on appreciation and I’m writing the post right now, I’ll post it soon).

Manufactured homes are a wonderful option 
and anyone that thinks differently is simply uneducated on the matter.

Dining Area and Kitchen
Master Bedroom

I have found 3 videos that show everything in the kitchen, studio and living room along with interviews with the owners.  I’ll link to them all so you can really see this gorgeous home.

Inside The Workspace Video

Inside The Living Room

You can see a lot more of Theresa’s gorgeous home and shop on her blog at TimeWornInteriors, a great home decorating blog! 
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Source: All Photos by Keith Scott Morton

All photos found at Country Living

A 1961 Goldenrod Mobile Home is Called the Pink Flamingo for a Reason

I love a cute beach house! Small mobile homes make a perfect getaway, whether you prefer a beach, a lake, or a river. This cute Flamingo themed weekend river getaway is the cutest thing and it proves you don’t have to put a ton of money into a place to make it awesome. This 1961 Goldenrod single wide mobile home is a charmer and that’s because it’s mostly original.

 Welcome to the Pink Flamingo!

The Pink Flamingo is a 1961 Goldenrod single side mobile home.
The decal on the back side of the trailer lists it as “Gardner” by Stewart Coach Industries Incorporated; Bristol Industries and Grand Saline, Texas. It is 10′ x 46′ – a perfect size for a weekend getaway.

1961 Goldenrod mobile home - exterior


The Perfectly Fantastic Pink Flamingo

The owners, Trent and Jenny Gefaller, and their daughters Savannah and Sydney, use the Pink Flamingo as a weekend retreat in the summer months. It’s parked in a small town along the Mississippi River. The town has 4 boat landings, 3 parks, 2 bars, 2 gas stations, an ice cream man that delivers ice cream to the sand bar in his boat and lots of mobile homes!


mobile home at night with rope lights


Only fun times are to be had here!

Trent, Jenny and their beautiful daughters have come to appreciate the qualities that made trailers so popular years ago. They use every last bit of space in the most efficient way. The aluminum exterior is very easy to maintain. They don’t need huge lots or permanent foundations. And if the river ever rises, they can move it!

The layout in the Pink Flamingo is typical with the kitchen in front and living room in the middle. A curved counter and cabinets separate the areas. The sink is an awesome mint green porcelain. The front wall is angled and the windows are louvered, as are all the windows throughout the home. The front door, sadly, is not original. But the aluminum back door is, complete with a louvered window and a low profile door handle and lock.


interior of the pink flamingo, a 1961 Goldenrod mobile home


Enjoying the curved counter!

living room of vintage mobile home on the Mississippi River


This home is all about relaxation and fun!

The original curved counter and cabinets in the kitchen, along with the built-in book shelf, pocket doors and louvered windows make this home a rare treat for any vintage enthusiast.


curved counter in vintage mobile home


The curved bar is oh so lovely!


1961 Goldenrod mobile home - pink flamingo beach / river house


Love the bright blue and the easygoing retro look!


cool flamingo lights in living room of vintage mobile home


The fun and relaxed decor make this mobile home a real treat for any visitor.

The living room has a built-in book case and shelf with mirror. The ceilings are original as well as are the paneled walls. Because there are windows on both sides, it’s very bright and sunny. The pocket doors along the hallway lead to 2 bedrooms and a bath. Both bedrooms have slat wood closet doors and built-in drawers. The master bedroom also has a built-in vanity area with an original box light fixture. The bathroom boasts the original pink tub, sink, and stool!

The pink medicine cabinet features an acrylic fluorescent light cover and sliding mirror doors. There is also a built in linen cabinet with drawers set at an angle to keep them closed while you are “mobile”.


original pink sink in vintage mobile home called the pink flamingo

Original features are all the rage today!

Smart design.

Most of the renovations done to the Pink Flamingo have been done solely to keep it sound. The carpets throughout are low maintenance office grade and the kitchen and bathroom flooring are low budget linoleum. The decorating they have done is purely for fun. They chose pink flamingos as a nod to the Florida mobile home parks.

The exterior of the 1961 Goldenrod mobile home has had some improvements to make it more liveable and lower maintenance. A sloped tin roof was added to minimize any water damage. And we built a porch, deck, and stone patio to maximize outdoor entertaining. The hitch is also still attached and there are wheels under the Pink Flamingo, if she ever feels like a road trip!

1961 Goldenrod mobile home at night

Just pure awesomeness!

Enjoying the Pink Flamingo!

Jenny has future plans to continue updating the home with as much originality as possible. She states, “When I see images of perfectly restored older trailers, I think about how much more I would like to do. And maybe someday I’ll have the vintage appliances that match my mint green sink. But for now, light the tikis, plug in the palm tree, and play me a little Jimmy because I think the margaritas are blended!”

Trent, Jenny, Savannah and Sydney; thank you so much for sharing your wonderful 1961 Goldenrod mobile home called the Pink Flamingo! I can just hear Buffett playing in the background and taste the margarita’s! What a wonderful lifestyle you live with so many happy memories being made, I’m terribly envious 😉

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A Refreshing Single Wide Mobile Home Makeover aka The Retro Retreat

Miss Jeni Gray is a woman of many talents and hobbies with a remarkable mobile home. She actively pursues photography, crafting, poetry, blogging and on top of all that she is a complete do-it-yourself enthusiast. She has produced books of her beautiful poetry. Her homestead is a Certified Backyard Wildlife Sanctuary, recording sightings of birds that visit her in the Northwest, for tracking ecological health. Jeni lives her very active life all while being as environmentally neutral as she can.

Miss Jeni Gray’s blog, Huckleberry Hollow, is refreshingly light and informative, chronicling her hobbies and thoughts in a well written and friendly style. Her uniqueness and wisdom easily lures the reader into her world. Her home does the exact same thing. Most people are scared to use color on their homes exterior, not Miss Jeni Gray! The exterior is painted a gorgeous muted green that goes well with practically any color. A naturally creative person, Jeni up-cycles objects into beautiful, useful ones and that is exactly what she has done with her single wide mobile home makeover. With her artistic creativity her home has become a remarkably unique and self sustaining environment.
Her 1972 Port Royal Manufactured Home by Commodore has an unusual history, here’s Jeni to tell the story along with a bit more about herself:
“The history of this place is interesting. The first owner (at this location) told me that it was rescued off Mt. St. Helens after it blew in 1980.  Later a vacation home, and then purchased and moved here in 1998, onto a newly cleared lot. Adding new water lines, electrical, and septic, as well as the full roof-over structure, upgraded electrical and all new appliances, including a water heater and wood stove.
Then she proceeded to have all the windows retrofit with double pane vinyl, sliding door added in the dining room and covered deck off that.
In 2005 the second owner added a 9 x 25 addition along one side, which enlarged the living room and added a small bedroom.


 “So by the time I bought it mid 2006, the hardest part was done, which was perfect for me because aesthetics is my favorite area of expertise.
I nicknamed it Retro Retreat, because it just felt like a step back in time, with the privacy of a retreat.
The Retro Retreat before Jeni transformed it. (Source)
“I have done all the painting inside and out, imported gardening soil, landscaped and fenced the inner yard.  I also built a firewood shed close by and added a privacy deck area.
Back deck before Jeni transformed it. (Source)
The sun deck after the Jeni’s transformation. (Source)
 “I finished a lot of things, like trimming out the windows, and siding the addition along with installing skirting there.
On my days off in winter I enjoy being in my cozy office / craft area near the wood stove. I work on my part time business in photography art, creating greeting cards and promoting my images online. I also enjoy sewing and creating things from recycled fabrics. I love to write as well so I maintain two blogs and create poetry.
Jeni’s winter wonderland. (Source)
“In late Spring, Summer, and early Fall I play out in the yard on those same days off.  I am an avid bird watcher and track and document all my sightings here.  I have registered the property as a Certified Backyard Wildlife Sanctuary.
We have bobcats, cougars, and coyote here, so one has to keep an eye on their pets.  Two years ago one of the young bears pushed over my fence and tasted all the bird feeders!!
My future goals here will be to maintain my vow of sustainability as best I can by keeping a vegetable garden, and respecting the environment with a small carbon footprint.
While I’d love to tear out some walls or add on, I am limited by my own expertise and budget, but will continue to make small improvements and document the journey on my blog at Diary of the New Pioneer.”
Deck. (Source)      
Jeni has done a beautiful job of transforming her home both on the outside and the inside. Here is a before and after look of her kitchen transformation:
The kitchen before. (Source)
Kitchen after Jeni’s update. (Source)
 Doing all her own updates and remodeling says a lot about Jeni. Independent and intelligent, conscientious and creative, she has an eye on aesthetics. She knows what is visually pleasing and her color palette is bold yet she does not over power. She knows how far to go keeping clear from over stimulating. A talent not all have.
Her blog is just as pleasant as her home. To have such a self sufficient and environmentally friendly lifestyle is a goal of mine and Jeni embodies it gracefully. Jeni is a true pioneer and she is a natural teacher. I thoroughly enjoy every post she writes and look forward to the next one. Her topics range from making scarfs from t-shirts to wildlife study and from tips to buying a car to updating a kitchen. There’s a personal bond you get from her writing and she uses that to teach you but never preach to you.
Please join us tomorrow for Jeni Gray’s MHL interview. You will see more great photos and learn more about her and her home. Until then, go over to Huckleberry Hollow and read the informative and intelligent posts about her home and her lifestyle along with beautiful poetry and insights.
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All photos are the sole property of Jeni Grey and the Diary of the New Pioneer.
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Inspiring Illustrator’s Single Wide Mobile Home Makeover

This mobile home makeover is the bees knees!
All works of art and photos are the property of Becky Schultea.

I have recently been introduced to a real-life illustrator with so much talent that it’s almost indescribable really, and the cherry on top is SHE LIVES IN A SINGLE WIDE  HOME too! She also likes to decorate said mobile home…and that’s a Mobile Home Living dream come true.  Her single wide mobile home makeover is great!

Allow me to introduce you to a lovely and very kind fellow blogger, Becky Schultea. She has a wonderfully creative blog called “Just Bee’n Me”  where she shares her works of wonderful illustrations, fun gadgets and products with her wonderful illustrations ON them, digital clip art, e-cards, crafts and yes, mobile home decorating ideas (and much more)!

She has been living in a mobile home for the last few years. Her life story could be a Lifetime movie of the week, it is inspiring, incredibly motivating and humbling all at the same time.

She was recently divorced, had just bought a beautiful brick home in her Texas hometown and was working for IBM. She met the man of her dreams, John, got married and then suddenly her position was outsourced. Now to me, that would be the end of the world for at least a year, I would pout and refuse to get out of the bed!

Becky didn’t pout at all. Her faith in God and her ability to see the rainbow after the rain gave her the little nudge she needed to start her very own illustration and design company! They went from 2 incomes to only 1 and downsized into a 1000 square foot mobile that was John’s old bachelor pad.

Unfortunately, her story sounds a bit to familiar this day and age. We all know someone (or is that someone) that was negatively impacted by this awful economic downturn America has faced. What I found most admiring with Becky’s story is that she didn’t think twice about having to go from a very nice stick built brick home to a small single wide. She made the best of it and tackled the situation with faith and vigor.

The Mobile Home Makeover

Here’s the before and after photos of the single wide they lived in while renting out the brick home. Her mobile home makeover is simple yet it changes the whole look of the home.

Becky's mobile home makeover - before
Becky’s Living room and Kitchen Before…
Becky's mobile home makeover -after
Becky’s Living Room and Kitchen AFTER!
Becky's mobile home makeover-bedroom - before
Master bedroom Before….(the vinyl coated wall monster strikes again).
Becky's mobile home makeover -bedroom - after
Master bedroom AFTER!
Becky's mobile home makeover -curtain ideas
The cute valances get much cuter with her talent and creativity.
Her no-sew valances are perfectly cute and easy, you can get the how-to here.
Becky's mobile home makeover -curtain ideas
Becky's mobile home makeover -curtain ideas
Becky's mobile home makeover -curtain ideas
Ready for the happily ever after ending? The Schultea’s are now able to move back into their brick home! It’s been 3 years since they moved into their single wide and did the mobile home makeover and things have made a positive turn. Her illustration business is doing well, with the gas prices as crazy high as they are it, made better sense to move closer to her husbands work and she can continue her freelance designing from home. They may rent out the mobile home or they may just use it as a weekend retreat. A perfectly fine ending to a not so perfect story.
Becky Shultea - Illustrator
Becky at a very important trade show for freelance illustrators!
Becky is a fine example of what life can hand us all. The ups and downs; twists and turns. We may have never thought that we would end up living in a mobile home. Whether it be our pride or our prejudiced against them, we must admit that mobile homes are not most peoples idea of a “dream homes” per se.
If we had a choice and an endless supply of money, most of us would not choose a mobile home. However, the majority of us DO have a budget and there are several reasons why we choose a mobile home. We are not settling mind you, we are making the best of our situations. There are multimillion dollar corporations in the US that buy mobile homes that have been neglected and gutted, fix them up and sell them for a fine profit. They very well can be equitable purchases while providing a means to live comfortably while waiting for that next be twist of fate in our lives.

No one should ever think badly of mobile homes. They are the most affordable means of owning a slice of the American dream. They are a fine way to live while saving or while retiring. They are perfect for small families and couples that don’t need a lot of space. There are so many great attributes about mobile homes. No, they aren’t perfect but they are affordable and a great foundation for any dream home. Live proudly in them and make the best of any situation you may find yourself in. The fact is that mobile homes are a fine option, an actual home that we middle class earners can afford and turn into a home to be truly proud of.

It’s not what you have, it’s what you make of it!

Becky, your story is wonderful. You did what you needed to do to make your life your own and pursue your dreams. I wish I had that gumption! I am so happy for you and thankful that you allowed me to feature you. Thank you! PS I just adore your designs, too!

I was introduced to this blog by a dear blogging friend (thanks Geneva!) that has allowed me to feature her wonderful blog “My Heart’s Song” and her mobile home. She always sends me links to other “mobile home” blogs and I appreciate it so very much! Please keep sending them Geneva!

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Smokey Mountain Double Wide

The idea of a “home” makes people see different visions prancing in their heads. Some have modern, sleek, retro, rustic, country and city. Mine is a twisted version of them all.
Noelle Moser and her family live in the foothills of the Smokey Mountains in East Tennessee and this is her Smokey Mountains double wide.
She loves to garden and tries to live as much as possible off their 1 acre property. They have veggie gardens, berry bushes, and even adding fruit trees later.
In order to tend all of these bushes and gardens they needed free tillers and fertilizer so they built a chicken coop, and what a beautiful one! She calls her females her backyard girls.
They have 13 Buff Orphington Hens and One Rooster named Roy. He is a better watch dog than a dog and takes very good care of our ladies. They lay large brown eggs to the tune of 7-11 per day.
Our coop is named the Country Clucker so they just naturally started calling their home “The Country Clucker.”
Mrs. Moser also home schools her two boys so she absolutely has to make the most of her space. Their dining room table is both used as a school table and and a dining room table.
The school desk table is next to the dining room window and the dry erase board
on the wall.

“I am so glad that we have a rather large space for the dining room so it can be used for two purposes,” she stated.

The chandelier hanging in the dining room was from Lowes, it is 5 light chandelier with a touch of a country charm to it. They have it wired into a dimmer switch so they can adjust the lighting. Brighter light for school work and softer light for dining and other times.
She has painted the walls a very light brown. In the entry way, she has her grandmothers Dunken Fife antique dining table and the hutch across from it. She loves her living room because it is cozy and yet very open and roomy. Her family spends a lot of time there.
Noelle’s home is not stuffy, it allows the kids to be kids and give them their own space. I love that!  Here’s what she had to say about it: “I have two boys, ages 6 and 7. So naturally they share a room. Their room is small but not too small. In order to make the most of the space I had to be creative.” It serves the purpose with imagination and whimsy, always a wonderful combination.
“First the beds had to be bunked, then get a loft and throw in a desk, second dresser
and a book shelf for max space use. They love their bed set up and it serves
many purposes.” I envision lots of fort making going on in there!
She shares “They love space, so for their room we chose a cosmic blue paint for their walls
and a professional mural artist friend of mine came in and painted the spaceship, stars and planets. She is very good. Then to maximize even more space I bought an interlocking metal cube system and usedit to use some of the vertical space in their room. It can hold a lot of weight and store a lot of toys, book, etc. Their room gets lots of compliments by their friends and parents saying that it is a “cool” Room.”
 I choose a country cabin theme for my master bedroom. It is such a large room
that a dark color was needed in order to bring it in some. So we chose a country burgendy
for our walls in the bedroom and the same light brown that was in the living room for the master bathroom. Seeing that it is a large room I thought that two colors were needed to add some interest.
Lighting is all purchased at lowes from their cabin in the woods theme lighting. Bedside
lamps are lanterns mounted on the wall, and one mounted above the bath tub.
The chandelier between the master bath and room is also from Lowes. It is wired onto a dimmer so we can control the lighting.

I hope you enjoyed touring Mrs. Noelle Moser’s home!
As always, thank you so much for reading Mobile Home Living.