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Mobile Homeowners are….

Misc August 15, 2019 2 Comments

When I started Mobile Home Living I figured it would be a simple blog with beautiful mobile home tours along with remodeling ideas and repair help from experienced mobile homeowners. But it evolved into far more than that. Mobile Home Living and our Facebook group are a positive, judgment-free community where regular people can share their beautiful mobile home remodels…

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“Wish You Were Here!” 35 Vintage Mobile Home Postcards

Vintage Mobile Homes June 10, 2019 3 Comments

Postcards were almost as important as the trailers when travel trailer first hit the scene. They were essentially the Facebook of the time. Families and friends traveling in their campers would send postcards to everyone they knew to let them know they were safe and having a wonderful time. A little deliberate bragging was always important too. In this article,…

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Ugly-Duckling Trailer House Gets Colorful Single Wide Makeover

Mobile Home Decorating Single Wides March 19, 2019 7 Comments

In April of 2012, I shared an article about a colorful single wide makeover that Better Home & Gardens featured on their site. This was a big deal to me since there wasn’t a whole lot of mobile homes being featured in national home decorating magazines. Unfortunately, BHG used the words trailer house or trailer home to describe it. What…

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