Update Your Manufactured Home Decor with Area Rugs

A manufactured home is a bit different from a site-built home in terms of construction and design. Where the site-built is manufactured step by step on the site itself, the manufactured home constructed in an enclosed building and then transported to the desired location. As they are distinct, the ways to decorate them with area rugs are also different.

Area rugs can make a huge difference in a room. They are an attractive and affordable way to update your space. We’ve gathered a few ideas and images to prove just how important they can be to your home.

Benefits Of Adding Area Rugs In Manufactured Homes

Placing rugs in manufactured homes comes with various benefits, including;

Adds Coziness To The Home

A manufactured home gives cold vibes and isn’t very comforting at first sight. You must add some coziness to make this house feel like a home. Layering is a great way to do so! Have a few rugs placed across the house at various places and you would be amazed to see how marvelously it changes the vibes of your living space. A fuzzy, colorful rug bought from ​​www.momeni.com would make a great addition to your home.

Adds A Personality To The Living Space

Initially, you would find your manufactured home devoid of any personality. Slowly, as you start adorning it with elements close to your heart, you will see how well it transforms. Rugs give character to the house by adding some depth to it.

Fills Up The House

Rugs are a great idea if you are tight on your budget and can’t afford proper furniture. They will fill the living space well, ensuring no sense of hollowness is left in the house.

Styling Tips With Rugs For Your Manufactured Home

Go For Texture

In terms of textured rugs, vintage ones are an excellent choice. They are vibrant. Hence they add life to the manufactured living space almost instantly. You could go for a huge one right in the middle of the room or several smaller ones across the home.

However, at the same time, ensure to avoid going for a very dark color. This is because it would make an already smaller place a bit tinier.

Have A Runner In The Hallway

A lot of times, a manufactured home also has a hallway. Decorating a hallway with the help of rugs makes it appear welcoming. Some specific runners are manufactured for the limited hallway spaces in a manufactured home.

Such runners have an image or woven pattern right in the middle. You can either have a runner rug designed in such a manner or a carpet that covers the hallway wall to wall.

Choose Accent Rugs

You can have some accent rugs placed right in front of the bathrooms. These spaces are mostly vacant and need something to fill the area. Another reason this is a good idea in a manufactured home is because it adds warmth. Even when it’s super cold, stepping on it early in the morning would give you a fuzzy feeling.

Hang The Rugs

Another quite distinct way to decorate the home with rugs is by hanging them on the wall. Yes, you read that right! Rather than placing them on the floor, you can hang them on the wall with the help of a few nails.

This will give your manufactured home a distinctive look. Also, it will add depth to the space where you hang the rug. Further, you can accessorize the room with a few complemen

Styling a manufactured home can be tricky. However, if you use your aesthetics correctly, you can make the home appear welcoming, comforting, and warm. By opting for the right ideas, you can transform your living space into something super-convenient, just like a site-built home.

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